Riding The Craziest Roller Coaster In England


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    ONE VLOG A WEEK BABY! its only gonna get more mental from here hahahah. consider subscribing

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    Bro isnit wort it

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    Tommy you would hate Dollywood

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    It seems like you've reached the bottom of this reply chain. So uhhh, hello..?

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    😢im sorry tommy i know what your feeling😖

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    I hate when he blew up the town 😭😭😭😭

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    We goin to be seen like mrbeast* takes the moon then Jupiter then Saturn then Uranus then us

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    I love that the entire time wilburs just being a prick lmao

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    Lesson learned: never let Tommy Near a female

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    buy a gift for tommy

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    them in a theme park with kids : also them : FUCK YOU BITCH

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    The vivacious bike posteriorly terrify because leopard contemporaneously roll after a rural march. difficult, cloistered court

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    I have a similar ride to the blade called Viking and it absolutely traumatized me. My body lifted from the ride and I felt like I was about to die- like my life literally flashed before I died and I was just hoping my death would painless

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    Poor big man :((

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    I literally went too Alton towers 2 days ago

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    Why do I feel like wibur is ranboo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    these are nothing i literally go on every rollaercoaster at places that go straught up and down

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    Fan I love roller coasters Tommy I hate them

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    Meanwhile the two people who lost legs on the smiler: "TOMMY NO!"

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    Tommy’s an iPad kid💀

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    Wilbur looks like Harry Potter with glasses and by the way just started watching you. And I live the water boat ride you three went on it’s so fun

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    I love u

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    Fun fact your crush watched this

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    *Once A Man Rides* *He Cant Get Out* *But Tommy Can* - (My Name) 2021

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    The amount of times he references George is insane

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    my mum after seeing me rn 04:00

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    Seeing tommy sad is just…

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    I went there yesterday

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    The way Tommy had to squeeze his eyes shut made me so sad.

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    The blade nots bad the ones were I live they go all the way around

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    you did great Tommy!

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    I love how Wilbur and phillza help tommy impress a girl. It's just so wholesome

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    Lol poor tommy I would never go on those I'm afraid of hights and fast rides lol Tommy is so young in this video

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    Tommy: So is that a yes?

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    Alternate title: Philza being an actual dad for 20 minutes while Wilbur terrorizes Tommy

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    If I didn’t know who they were I’d think Tommy and wilbur were brothers and phil was their dad

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    Me:tom Simpson I love your video

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    Me:but I hate your language

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    Me:tommyinit I love your videos

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    Me: are they singing *tommy and wilbur literally sings while in the balde*

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    Tommy I went on the oblivion if I can do it you can!

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    WHEN i Trier the first one i felt sick for the whole day

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    Oh god Alton towers smiler is petrifying, someone got hurt on there, and the ride next to it, I think to the left terrified me. But there are scarier rollercoasters at Alton towers than those two, way scarier

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    That girl just couldnt stand x_pogboy50

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    I need a towel

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    Weird to think how I’ve sat exactly where you guys were on the blade

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    1:46 riding technoblade 😳

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    It says a lot about me that it’s ten seconds in and I know it’s Alton Towers It is without a doubt the best theme park on the UK

  • Amelia Thorn

    Amelia Thorn

    6 годин тому

    I love rollercoasters but couldn’t be paid to go on Oblivion. Hella bollocks dude

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    Dude that shit at the end hurts, I've been through multiple scenarios like that, there's chance it may be scripted, very little chance, but it happens to me and so it can happen to Tom

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    Your on the technoblade

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    I would've died if I was there and heard two men singing/screaming and someone yell "f*ck you b*tch" on a ride Also I love how Tommy was screaming for George 😂😂

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    thats sad bro

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    Tommy: nyoow Me: *dying and wheezing at the same time on the floor*

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    I will remain seated STOP PATRONISING ME!!!!!

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    Why why why why why I DON'T DIE I WENT ON THE BLADE

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    Phil why R u looking at the gifts Phil buy me something Im Not bUyInG yOu AnYtHiNg Will you buy me something NO tommy_will PLEASE

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    They are so afraid of my masculinity OI I AM FRIEND WITH GeOrGe

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    ISn'T tHeRe MeAnT To Be A bIg PiG Oooh oh oh oh _Tommy 2021

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    Close your eyes when you do it it helps

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    Also on all the rides that you went on

  • Zainab Master
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    I went on the smiler and I'm 9

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    Fun fact pretty sure this is Alton towers

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    I'm watching this again cause I just went to Alton towers yesterday lol

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    i think meantaly tommy is 2 i rode this at 7

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    Fun in a box lol

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    16:50 i love how he just start asking a girl out trough out the roller coaster in the worst angle!!😂😂😂

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    alternate title: A child with 2 adults scream while on child rollercoaster

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    That last part tore me to pieces when Wilbur embraced Tommy as if they found out that there channels aren’t relevant

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    Tommy what is this place called it looks fun.

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    Okay but where do I buy wilburs coat i really want it

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    19:32 Bad Ending

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    i thought this men was only scared of girls,but now attractions as well i-

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    The first time we see chill Tommy

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    Got back yesterday from Alton, it was the second time I went, great park

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    I was laughing so hard I spit on my poor bed

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    no way alton towers was the best

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    The simpery is strong in this one

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    I really love your video's and they are really runny

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    Wilbur: “No entry” Tommy: “Zoo wee mama”

  • Lilly Stockton
    Lilly Stockton9 годин тому

    I was at Alton towers a month again for my bday I went on every ride and I'm 10. The smI led is a deathtrap:)

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    9 годин тому


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    F for tommy

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    poor tommy, he did it for a girl, he is a man now.

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    This is me and my brother also my dad my dad is philza my brother is Wilbur and I'm Tommy

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    poor tommy

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    F in the chat

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    I think that girl was Tommy's mother

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    Tommy: is that a yes? Me: HES

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    did yall know i went on the second highest rollercoaster? 400 AND SOMETHING FEET ;-;

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    wilbur leave tommy alone man

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    lol how did George get into this lol how is George gonna save him 🤣🤣🤣 also was it a good idea to eat cotton candy before a ride 😳😬😵🤢 … ......am i the only one if i where on the exact rides i would just smile probably giggle and then after i would wanna go again 😳😃

  • Kelly King
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    I would go on the ride before the smiler and I am way younger then Tommy

  • Gacha Reality
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    Tommy I felt like you when I went on escape from Pompeii push gardens… that I was going to die