I spent a day with CORPSE HUSBAND


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    come back next week for *I spent a day with REALITY SHIFTERS*. 🎙 PODCAST OF THIS & PREVIOUS CORPSE INTERVIEW: Spotify ▸ ​open.spotify.com/show/5aOLuPenneHbhLh05fmkeu​ Apple ▸ ​podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-spent-a-day-with/id1550213250​



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    Mason Hughes

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    I have one Question can you go back to smosh

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    smoke central 420

    2 місяці тому

    Can you do a video called I spent a day with anarchists

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  • Light
    Light2 години тому

    I subbed lol loved this vid

  • Andrey Chaychenko
    Andrey Chaychenko7 годин тому

    People treat famous UKportrs like animals, they come to their houses to look at them and they send hate, and get frustrated that the UKportr doesn’t do a face reveal. UKportrs are all human like you and I are, and we should respect their privacy.

  • Layla Duff
    Layla Duff7 годин тому

    I wanted to know what he looked like before I watched this but.. razor blades..? I can’t even imagine.. also the mental and health problems he has to deal with.. like I wanna hug corpse straight up :(

  • You Name Me
    You Name Me8 годин тому

    Why did I already know that he was going to talk about Bingus?!😭😂😂

  • You Name Me
    You Name Me8 годин тому

    CORPSE is such an amazing person!💕

  • AngelBird
    AngelBird11 годин тому

    Oml as someone who also has chronic illness Corpse described it really well. It’s a large mental toil and difficult to come to terms that you won’t be healthy.

  • X X
    X X11 годин тому

    who is he???????

  • BeastBoom 24
    BeastBoom 2412 годин тому

    Honestly I’d pay to listen to a Corpse Husband Country Song.

  • young YAGUT
    young YAGUT14 годин тому

    Tbh I feel like he's forcing his voice, I'm not hating, but I can't be the only GUY, that feels uncomfortable hearing his voice

  • celestialwolf9
    celestialwolf920 годин тому

    I would give hugs if I met him in real life

  • RageAparati


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  • Daiana Camacho
    Daiana Camacho21 годину тому

    He reminds me of bat Man 🤣

  • angel.
    angel.23 години тому

    I love his giggles!

  • Royal_ zlp
    Royal_ zlp23 години тому

    So the only people who know what he looks like is his parents and him

  • Sarah LaMar
    Sarah LaMarДень тому

    Me finds him through among us: "he's so freaking sweet and funny!" Me finds out he has music: "dude this is freaking sick!" Me finds out that he has horror storys: "oh hell nah. Ill stick with the other shit."

  • Ava Lovegood
    Ava LovegoodДень тому

    I can't imagine how Corpse's classmates (when he went to school) when they heard his voice for the first time. 😳

  • Sana
    SanaДень тому

    Okay, I've heard so much about this dude, but this is the first time I've seen anything with him in it. AND SHOUT OUT TO BINGUS? Ok, the dude passes the radicality check.

  • Jolito Sugalam
    Jolito SugalamДень тому

    look dream and corpse are really same💀 same zodiac sign and facelless too annnddd have a cute bf ehem

  • Em San
    Em SanДень тому

    honestly though everyone hated themselves till I found out the dont

  • NightWolf
    NightWolfДень тому

    Hes so tall

  • NightWolf
    NightWolfДень тому

    His face looks animated

  • RageAparati


    19 годин тому

    I know! Super realistic

  • NightWolf
    NightWolfДень тому

    His face looks animated

  • NoobPro
    NoobProДень тому

    I'm glad the interview contained real laughter.

  • Skyler Jayy
    Skyler JayyДень тому

    The way they animated him in this looks so damn cool

  • Laura Tang
    Laura TangДень тому

    dose he actually look like that?!

  • Fern Leaves Studio
    Fern Leaves StudioДень тому

    Omg... Corpse! I just wanna hug him and hang out with him... ;W;

  • Lana Maykhan
    Lana Maykhan2 дні тому

    When he said the razor blade thing I wanted to hug him so bad, he is going through so much yet the haters never stop, it's really sad

  • Tsukii Misa
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  • Nohat Elieider
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  • Nohat Elieider
    Nohat Elieider2 дні тому

    Ur liying

  • LightGame
    LightGame2 дні тому

    His laugh and giggles are so normal and awesome!

  • -AnnoyingPigeon-
    -AnnoyingPigeon-2 дні тому

    He's just a cute cinnamon rolllllllll

  • Tarjui
    Tarjui2 дні тому

    Oh my... I just started watching videos about crimes in the world (documentarys) and this lead me to this interview and here I am seeing anthony from smosh again after 10 years...this feels so surreal. this was like my childhood on youtube and now I get to find this insanely interesting youtuber corpse who I've never heard of before...but at the same time I feel conflicted about going into his fanbase...like I have anxiety too and I feel bad for him knowing how horrifying it must be for him to never ever be able to just live as himself... man the youtube fame got out of hand.

  • Valeria Zavala
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  • dedin9 & dedina11
    dedin9 & dedina112 дні тому

    I never want Corpse to su!c!de himself.

  • dedin9 & dedina11
    dedin9 & dedina112 дні тому

    I had a friend like that, his name is Zach, but i wasnt sure if it was his voice. The point is that his sister flirts with him and his mom died in a car crash i think, his dad is everyday drunk, but they both wanted to kill him so many times... To be continued

  • Yannah Tiburcio
    Yannah Tiburcio2 дні тому

    Corpse doesn't need face reveal,what he need is hug.

  • I Snort Crayons
    I Snort Crayons3 дні тому

    I'm kinda glad to say that I literally found corpse through Chill's Music and thought to myself "Goddamn this dude has to be some professional in the music business because his vocals and lines are so S-tier and insanely well done." and saw he only had 2 songs and learned about his gerd, etc. Since then, supported his music all the time, and it was so weird to see him on the whole among sussy imposters phase of Corpse, watching this man who I listen to everyday say "you're kinda sussy" was definitely.. weird lol. Not saying I'm against him doing shit he likes, like playing games with his friends, but it's just kinda funny how you meet this dude as this dark and extremely tormented being and in reality, it's this dude who's dark and extremely tormented, but also plays among us with his friends who are more wholesome and stuff

  • Cammy Kermit987
    Cammy Kermit9873 дні тому

    i love Corpse and it breaks my heart that he goes through so much. i wish i could just hug him

  • Jack creeper minecraft JC MCPE
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  • Karat K
    Karat K3 дні тому

    I really feel for this guy. I hope he gets to experience some happiness and peace. And I hope he can find comfort from his illnesses. 🖤

  • Tomos Place
    Tomos Place3 дні тому

    I personally love CORPSE and listen to his music daily, not even just because the deep voice, I have made fanart of him, but like, if you look at this comment CORPSE or anyone else, you so do deserve your fame man, and the people who hate on you, are being trolled by you and your fans. Its funny.

  • Caroline Butler
    Caroline Butler3 дні тому

    Imagine finding out your the person who made the fan art that looked exactly like him 🤣🤣

  • Aliyah Perras
    Aliyah Perras3 дні тому

    Support corpse husband he is an amazing person like the music is good the videos are good so just be nice enjoy life and stop hating people for no reason have a good day

  • Skylar Leanna
    Skylar Leanna3 дні тому

    I’m sorry but I. The office he looks like a animation drawing???

  • Skylar Leanna

    Skylar Leanna

    2 дні тому

    @DiamondDepth YT I figured it out like 10 min in lol

  • DiamondDepth YT

    DiamondDepth YT

    2 дні тому

    He is one..

  • It's Teegan
    It's Teegan3 дні тому

    I have anxiety and depression and i always feel bad about myself so i can totally feel what corpse is feeling.

  • Beat Flying
    Beat Flying4 дні тому

    also i love the videos man

  • Beat Flying
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    LENNY4 дні тому

    I feel sorry for Corpse man jeez

  • Billyboinocap Kid
    Billyboinocap Kid4 дні тому

    Is it only me or does he look kinda cute animated not being gay

  • SoraBlackheart
    SoraBlackheart4 дні тому

    Corpse is such a cinnamon roll!!

  • Water Witch
    Water Witch4 дні тому

    It confused me when I heard so many people were going crazy wanting to see his face. Why? He is who he is. Plain and simple. I'm sorry for the pain he has, I have degenerative arthritis of the spine, simply put my spine is collapsing. So I live with pain all the time. So to hear him and see him keep going gives me drive to get past the pain. So yeah, I don't give a shit what he looks like.

  • man
    man4 дні тому

    I admire corpse

  • H- Dragon
    H- Dragon4 дні тому

    Am i the only one that just don't want to see he's face i mean for me it's he's face exactly like vtuber

  • Shannon KW
    Shannon KW4 дні тому

    I wish I could hug this man, why are people so judgemental these days. I've dealt with so many people who hate themselves, from a deformity to 'not being perfect' God i wish I could help, but he's so well known, someone like me can't do anything to help😓

  • Chhorng Kemp Lim
    Chhorng Kemp Lim4 дні тому

    Corpse: *litteratly breathes* Fan girls: 🤰

  • Akshat Tandon
    Akshat Tandon4 дні тому

    His giggles and laugh 🥺🥺💗💗

  • Akshat Tandon
    Akshat Tandon4 дні тому

    If you're really his fan, STOP asking him for face reveal guys! It's totally his choice!

  • Kadeyn Walker
    Kadeyn Walker4 дні тому

    Cool I relate I have a heart condition And dad died

  • Amogus Patrick
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  • Landon Jones
    Landon Jones5 днів тому

    Is he animated

  • Jose Dasilva
    Jose Dasilva5 днів тому

    It's fake that's animated

  • Rimfire 82
    Rimfire 825 днів тому

    For some reason Corpse Husband kind of reminds of Alice Cooper

  • lovi
    lovi5 днів тому

    i feel so bad for him, and so angry at the people hating on him. the razorblade thing i can actually relate to because did the same not too long ago, i just gave up and just wanted to hurt myself.

  • It’s nightmare playz
    It’s nightmare playz5 днів тому

    My man looks confroble

  • It’s nightmare playz
    It’s nightmare playz5 днів тому

    He actually has red eyes 👀

  • It’s nightmare playz
    It’s nightmare playz5 днів тому

    He is the therapist of the group

    LISA PRIZEMAN5 днів тому

    6,542,327 people have seen your face now

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    3 дні тому

    Thats not his real face

  • Mazie Class
    Mazie Class6 днів тому

    His voice is like an attractive cheese grater but I mean that in a positive way! Like goodness, what cool vocals

  • Gurbudurk
    Gurbudurk6 днів тому

    It's funny how all the plastic people out there tries to shame him, just because they got triggered by him getting such a huge following. He's a boss 🔥 all the best mate 🤙🏽🇿🇦

  • SCP 999 - The Tickle Monster
    SCP 999 - The Tickle Monster6 днів тому

    So i was watching this video and my dad said he will take my phone if im watching something stupid when he heard Corpse's voice.

  • CitridOCD
    CitridOCD6 днів тому

    I really wish that wasn't a drawing in place of him.

  • Vision YT
    Vision YT7 днів тому

    Tip get help. Please

  • Becca James
    Becca James7 днів тому

    When he said that before an among us stream he was cutting himself that hit me so hard. I used to do the same thing before i went to youth group i would cut my arm with razors or even while i was there in the bathroom. For a long time i carried around a blade cause it made me feel safe and like if i need it i have it. sometimes i miss that feeling of safe.

  • The Artvenger Sailee Angre S-1086
    The Artvenger Sailee Angre S-10867 днів тому

    just the "hello" hits so hard im not even kidding

  • Nard Jude
    Nard Jude7 днів тому

    Are you talking to an animated corpse??????

  • amanda


    7 днів тому

    yes but the audio is him

  • Saucy _Shrekstan
    Saucy _Shrekstan7 днів тому

    Justice for the only hands

  • HudsonDZC
    HudsonDZC8 днів тому

    I can't help listening to this... Corpse's voice is the perfect ASMR voice.

  • Jayden Scott
    Jayden Scott8 днів тому

    i want to hear a corpse country song


    i want to hear one of those country songs

  • Medusa Annabelle Gorgon
    Medusa Annabelle Gorgon8 днів тому

    At this point of time, i rlly don't care whether someone chooses to show their face or not, as long as they are comfortable with that choice. I do hope tho that there will be a day where people can be free to be open without any judgement, like corpse said somewhere in the beginning of this vid

  • Cake kot
    Cake kot8 днів тому

    dude, he just sounds like stoned joji, thats it

  • FGamerFAN
    FGamerFAN8 днів тому

    People are always telling him things about how they think he's hot and just giving him their expectations which is probably very stressing for him

  • Leejinking Kin
    Leejinking Kin8 днів тому

    those who judge him and said something mean to corpse u should consider look to the wall and think it twice

  • Shadow minecraft ninja
    Shadow minecraft ninja9 днів тому

    He is creepy

  • Omelette
    Omelette9 днів тому

    I don't understand people who hate other people for their success. Like… they didn't even do anything to them and they hate them.

  • EngRos
    EngRos9 днів тому

    I didn't realise that Corpse actually wore a mask in real life. I thought he just didn't cross his online and real life personas

  • Rae
    Rae9 днів тому

    I don't see anything wrong with hiding your identity. Let the man keep himself a secret and just enjoy the work he does. We don't need to know everything about everyone.

  • Jayleigh Lunardini
    Jayleigh Lunardini9 днів тому

    I would still support CORPSE no matter what he does

  • Helen Schuler
    Helen Schuler9 днів тому

    I would love to hear a country song by corpse that would be great and nm I dont listen to that much country

  • Ikeastore
    Ikeastore10 днів тому

    10:38 aww the laugh

  • Ikeastore
    Ikeastore10 днів тому

    The fact That he never Even showed his face to society since 2015 is crazy honestly I love corpse And Will continue to support him with the Face or without

  • norally Fernandes
    norally Fernandes10 днів тому

    Bruh bruh no one said this guy looks like an anime character

  • DL Ravenz
    DL Ravenz10 днів тому

    That's not his face

  • Virus


    10 днів тому

    Well they hid it lol

  • Ray UwU
    Ray UwU10 днів тому

    20:47 this made me so sad omfg

  • Lunar _thefox
    Lunar _thefox10 днів тому

    COVID 19 made me develop gereilized anxiety

    SKYLAR PRESCOTT10 днів тому

    sleep daperived

  • Carlos Salazar
    Carlos Salazar10 днів тому

    I’ll always support you mr. husband I actually played amoung us w you

  • Shawn Taran. R. R
    Shawn Taran. R. R10 днів тому

    A Moment of silence for people who thought that's what Corpse looked like IRL.

  • Virus


    10 днів тому


  • Karoline Luck
    Karoline Luck11 днів тому

    I've been with him since day one. I was 14 and now I'm 20. I hope everything he is going through gets better and that someday he can feel like he can be himself without fear of others judging him.