Top 100 Goals Scored By Legendary Football Players

Top 100 Goals Scored by Legendary Football Players ft. Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, Diego Maradona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!


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  • ste
    steДень тому

    How the fuck did that forlan goal get there 😂

  • Francis Williams II
    Francis Williams II4 дні тому

    Songs, please?

  • Lúcia Sousa
    Lúcia Sousa4 дні тому

    23:23 Supera isso Corinthianadaaa #M1TO

  • Lawrence Nimley
    Lawrence Nimley6 днів тому

    These kids at my school be saying how sus soccer is but it's literally the best sport all over the world. They the one who's sus.

  • Reese B

    Reese B

    3 дні тому

    No way to say it’s the best sport. Very subjective. But Americans have a tendency of undervaluing the legs for some reason. It’s all about the hands. Most Americans that fight don’t even kick. Americans love boxing. Americans love basketball and football. UFC has grown significantly over the years and the full body is being appreciated more. Soccer highlights are some of the most entertaining out there.

  • Adrià Pelicano
    Adrià Pelicano13 днів тому

    merda du vídeo, nara currade, nope edics, no sale du fabelita de'l sentru

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    Thúy Vy 100K Vào timbantinhvn CHAM com19 днів тому

    14:41 Với thế giới thì em chỉ là một người. 🍨

  • baba sera
    baba sera20 днів тому

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  • Владимир Мыйня
    Владимир Мыйня21 день тому

    Качество гавно

  • Pie
    Pie21 день тому

    Acording to this, Futbol start in 2000s...

  • Target842
    Target84222 дні тому

    8:33 nah? 18 wow what he could be

  • Barry Caminiti
    Barry Caminiti24 дні тому

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  • chris1london
    chris1london24 дні тому

    Nicely made video. One big omission I feel is Paul Gascoigne for England vs Scotland, but it's just personal opinion. Well done.

  • Tony_Montaniac
    Tony_Montaniac24 дні тому

    Thanks for this Great Video. ❤️❤️👍👍

  • Rifet Mujic
    Rifet Mujic25 днів тому

    Ronalidinho goals against England and Sevilla perfections, magic, brutall🤙🤙🤙

  • Giordano Filipponi
    Giordano Filipponi25 днів тому

    Excellent video but only 1 of the 2 epic goals of Van Basten..what about his bike with Ajax when they won 3-1


    HD ?

  • Paolo Alghisi
    Paolo Alghisi26 днів тому

    Ronaldinho: "WTF" Andrea Pirlo: "ghét vést?"

  • Big Pun
    Big Pun26 днів тому

    And thats why it came to known as paneka

  • DipDip McDippins
    DipDip McDippins26 днів тому

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  • Elnardo Webster
    Elnardo Webster28 днів тому

    Van Basten's goal against Soviet Union will forever be a diamond in football history, in my eyes the best goal I've ever seen.

  • mikhail Max
    mikhail MaxМісяць тому

    WHERE is the goal to Igor Belanov Ussr vs Belgium>?

  • Casman Ridder
    Casman RidderМісяць тому

    where is Lord Bendtner?

  • Marius Constantin
    Marius ConstantinМісяць тому

    In 1996 garrincha was playing????????? Are you kidding me??:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Maronmikhail Soriano
    Maronmikhail SorianoМісяць тому

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  • Henrik Larsson
    Henrik LarssonМісяць тому

    Van bastens volley in that angle is a great one. Not many headers in this video tough, could do a whole list on those alone.

  • thebeatnumber
    thebeatnumberМісяць тому

    No goal from Iniesta?

  • Futebol de Botão - RP10
    Futebol de Botão - RP10Місяць тому

    0:35 😉... 0:50 🙂... 1:05 🥳... 1:23 😉... 1:43 😳... 1:54 😏... 2:13 ☺️... 2:27 😳... 2:42 ☺️... 2:56 🇧🇷... 3:11 👏... 3:25 ☺️... 3:43 😶... 4:05 😌... 4:28 🙂... 4:45 😳... 5:06 😉... 5:27 🙂... 5:41 😮... 5:54 😯... 6:08 😳... 6:20 😌... 6:40 😉... 6:59 😳... 7:27 😳... 7:49 😮... 8:02 😊... 8:20 😃... 8:34 😏... 4:49 😮... 9:11 😳... 9:32 😌... 9:56 ☺️... 10:17 🙂... 10:32 😏... 10:46 😳... 11:09 😲... 11:23 😲... 11:42 🙂... 12:03 😳... 12:19 😮... 12:34 😬... 12:54 😮... 13:09 😳... 13:25 👏... 13:43 😮... 14:00 😉... 14:15 🙀... 14:32 😬... 14:42 🤯... 14:52 😶... 15:03 😌... 15:17 🤫... 15:45 😉... 15:57 😮... 16:12 🙂... 16:27 😯... 16:42 😉... 16:56 🙀... 17:11 😉... 17:26 😬... 17:37 😮... 17:50 😳... 18:02 ☺️... 18:16 😳... 18:33 😮... 18:45 🙂... 18:55 😮... 19:12 😯... 19:23 🤯... 19:45 😬... 19:59 😲... 20:11 😌... 20:21 😬... 20:34 😳... 20:48 🙀... 20:03 😮... 21:17 🤔... 21:33 😌... 21:47 😯... 21:57 🤐... 22:16 😳... 22:42 😳... 22:57 😮... 23:11 😯... 23:23 👏... 23:36 😮... 23:48 👏... 23:59 😳... 24:07 🤷‍♂️ ? ... 24:12 😉... 24:24 🇧🇷... 24:38 ☺️... 24:50 🙀... 25:04 🤫... 25:16 😳... 25:28 😌... 25:38 😏... 25:54 🙂... 26:08 😳... 🙏Thanks For This Video!

  • m h
    m hМісяць тому

    The last goal tho

  • Marco Salinas
    Marco SalinasМісяць тому

    El que hizo este ranking de seguro es ingles o argentino. Ningún chileno en el ranking? Me tay weando? Recuerdo goles de marcelo Salas dignos de enmarcar, alexis Sánchez también a hecho pedazos de goles

  • Gustavo Parente
    Gustavo ParenteМісяць тому

    bruh where is van persie

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    hb bМісяць тому

    9:14 Garrincha died in 1983...

  • Aqif Mullaademi
    Aqif MullaademiМісяць тому

  • charlie Brown
    charlie Brown2 місяці тому

    Who is here to try and remember what football was and could have been....

  • Len Morgan
    Len Morgan2 місяці тому

    Like por Román

  • maicol fevicol
    maicol fevicol2 місяці тому

    garrincha dies in 1983

  • peixemacaco
    peixemacaco2 місяці тому

    Only a few players had 2 goals on the video. Dennis Bergkamp, David Beckham, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Roberto Carlos .... Maybe more I just forgot... Great goals!

  • Lorenzo Ferrario
    Lorenzo Ferrario2 місяці тому

    9:14 gg

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  • mMatýnos 9
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    i from czech oooo yea Panenka

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    pls name of song at 14:00

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  • Rodrigo Corleone
    Rodrigo Corleone2 місяці тому

    this 21:58 this 23:12 this 05:07 and this 11:23 are pure gold .

  • Kaya Alparslan
    Kaya Alparslan2 місяці тому

    Higuita one 😂

  • Ilya Kovalchuk
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  • HammerDunc
    HammerDunc2 місяці тому

    Di cannot and Bergkamp against Newcastle should be moved up. The technical ability of both are worthy! Also that RC free kick was outrageous. Shocking that they are so far down the list!!!!

  • Nils-Eyvind Opsal
    Nils-Eyvind Opsal2 місяці тому

    I really dont understand how that is possible... 14:53

  • Ashraf Hamoud
    Ashraf Hamoud2 місяці тому

    Gascogne goal

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    dimitur berbatov

  • Kostas Eros
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    can't tell whether it's a music video clip or goals compilation video. jesus christ.

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    Weah... Weah... Weah.... Weah.... Weah.... Weeaaaahhhhh....!!!

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    19:30 still gives me chills

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    Where is messi goals and ronaldo ¿"

  • Ron Jeremy
    Ron Jeremy3 місяці тому

    Lol this list is a joke! You obviously know nothing about football

  • Sthompul Nugroho
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    Totti vs Inter still my favorite

  • tomasz nowak
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    shit no goals there was no goal by Kazimierz Deyna from the match against Italy have you seen what kind of croissant Zoff made to Dinnie? or even Szarmach from the world championship about Lubanski not to mention losers ... you did not see real goals, this video is a defeat ...

  • Bilalo :
    Bilalo :3 місяці тому

    The commentary by R9 was very very funny ..... Ronaldo gol kel golazo kala ... so funny 🤣 🤣🤣🇳🇫🇹🇰🇷🇪🇲🇶

  • Bilalo :
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    My favorite goal , weah

  • Neongenesis29
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    Maradona's free kick against Juve missing.

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  • Zizou et Barthez Migatte no chauvui
    Zizou et Barthez Migatte no chauvui3 місяці тому

    9:12 No, it was in 1966

  • yousef mostafa ali

    yousef mostafa ali

    3 місяці тому

    yea I noticed that too. he probably made a mistake.

  • Thierry baudet
    Thierry baudet3 місяці тому

    10:35 Funfact: hé likes Dennis bergkamp

  • Annika Rosenlöf
    Annika Rosenlöf3 місяці тому

    My favorite is Roberto Carlos free kick

  • Vini Br
    Vini Br3 місяці тому

    roberto carlos is paranormal

  • Mr. Camps
    Mr. Camps3 місяці тому

    914 : is wrong Garrincha he died 1983 RIP

  • Guillermo Figueroa
    Guillermo Figueroa3 місяці тому

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  • MainPlasma
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  • Lejzer Tejzer Pejzer

    Lejzer Tejzer Pejzer

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    Second song is God Is An Astronaut - Echoes

  • oisino11
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    9:14 that can’t be 1996 he died in 1983

  • Levent Taymaz
    Levent Taymaz3 місяці тому

    Garrincha died 20 january 1983 how can he score the goal in 1997

  • Maaloul Saif Eddine
    Maaloul Saif Eddine3 місяці тому

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  • Richard Calisi
    Richard Calisi3 місяці тому

    why not just show all Messi goals?........Oh right....Aliens not included!!

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    24:39 steaua putea sa bata atunci pe oricine doar ca cei de la ac milan le-o pus ceva drog in mancare si de aia au jucat asa slab

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    Juninho Pernambucano 🔥 King of Freekick

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    9:37 - Delete this

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    legendary musical score for legendary players

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    I didn t saw Gerrard in the video and you know what?? IT IS SHATTERING ME

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    Pedja Uciha4 місяці тому dis is the best goal ever

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    Garrincha died at 1983 so 1996 goal is not possible but still a great video

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    15:23 Tramessi?

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    9:22 That must be in 1966, not 1996, Garrincha died in 1983

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