This is how GOOD Gareth Bale can be!

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  • MadridistaTV
    MadridistaTV10 місяців тому

    Gareth Bale has joined Tottenham on loan for 2020/21. ✍️ Here is his last world class season for Real Madrid in 2017/18. 👊

  • Pigs Trotters

    Pigs Trotters

    Місяць тому

    Sorry Wales, but I wish he had decided to play for England instead.

  • Rohan Shah

    Rohan Shah

    2 місяці тому

    Finished this loan with 16 GOALS 3 ASSISTS IN ALL COMPETIONS WITH ONLY 20 LEAGUE STARTS.. pretty good considering he didn't play at all under Zidane

  • Haziq Zakwan

    Haziq Zakwan

    3 місяці тому

    what title this soundtrack

  • Brayan Altamirano

    Brayan Altamirano

    4 місяці тому

    @GEASY EWERTON ten cuidado 🤡



    4 місяці тому

    @Brayan Altamirano Hablas dormiendo? Despierta jajjaja

  • S. ab
    S. ab4 дні тому

    Gareth Bale and not Harry Kane has been the best British player of the world for the last 5-6 years.

  • S. ab
    S. ab4 дні тому

    Bale, what a player. He is the best British player in the world. Period !!!

  • kama cade
    kama cade7 днів тому

    Big Bale i love you man

  • David 1
    David 18 днів тому

    A generational talent who probably didn't fulfill his full potential.

  • Badr Hari
    Badr Hari9 днів тому


  • Emanuel
    Emanuel9 днів тому

    I thought bale was coming for messi and ronaldo but, if he didn't care, why should i?

  • Dika pratama

    Dika pratama

    5 днів тому

    Yeah same think with neymar😓

  • Farhan Aslam
    Farhan Aslam10 днів тому

    Bale is god in front of hazard

  • Joshua Bartlett
    Joshua Bartlett10 днів тому

    The crappy music ruined this video.

  • W.M-Wali Muhammad
    W.M-Wali Muhammad11 днів тому

    Like Barcelona can't replace Messi to any other player Real Madrid can't replace CR7 to any other player Like Barca can't replace Neymar to any other player Real can't replace Bale to any other player Messi and Ronaldo are one of the greatest players of all time, both are GOATS. Neymar and Bale have still a lot of time, they can be next Messi and Ronaldo and began the new rivalry.

  • Iskandar Ace
    Iskandar Ace12 днів тому


    AJAY S. SANDHU12 днів тому

    Only CR7 complemented Bale’s speed and pinpoint crossing with incredible finishing...BBC was the reason Madrid gave competitiveness against MSN

  • Sr Nimbus
    Sr Nimbus13 днів тому

    Injuries have killed him Let him go to a retiree league to earn money, if the lame Vela seems good in the MLS imagine what Bale will do with that pace and technique

  • SR7
    SR713 днів тому

    Happy Birthday to great garethe bale❤

  • Muhammed Rafi
    Muhammed Rafi13 днів тому

  • Krishna
    Krishna13 днів тому

    Underrated af

    NAYAN14 днів тому

    still love him❤️

  • Backbencher Boy
    Backbencher Boy15 днів тому

    Three players Ronaldo miss a lot Ozil Marcelo Bale

  • Christopher Marfleet
    Christopher Marfleet17 днів тому

    I'd prefer bale than Ronaldo any day of the week bale can play for any team and destroy any team he plays against

  • Abe Rizal
    Abe Rizal17 днів тому

    105 goals in real madrid, only 4 score from penalty.

  • Farhan Aslam
    Farhan Aslam19 днів тому

    It would have been a nightmare for goalkeepers to see two bullet trains ronaldo and bale attacking like that

  • Kc Davies
    Kc Davies19 днів тому

    If bale decided to go with England they’d smash

  • Pedro Lima
    Pedro Lima19 днів тому

    Great highlights for a golf playet

  • The Hypedkid
    The Hypedkid19 днів тому

    Real Madrid fanbase is the most toxic

  • DavT 86
    DavT 8620 днів тому

    Bale and Ronaldo worked brilliant together, shame real didnt appreciate bale it drained him!

  • Abinash Chakraborty
    Abinash Chakraborty20 днів тому

    Legend 😌❤

  • yourlogichomie
    yourlogichomie21 день тому


  • xxyanlixx
    xxyanlixx22 дні тому

    so sad he and Zidane doesn't get along. He would have had huge potential there.

  • Yomansprince


    День тому

    Hopefully ancelloti can use him

  • Mirvali Miryusupov
    Mirvali Miryusupov23 дні тому

    Gareth Bale uchun bitta layk

  • Komang Baihaqi
    Komang Baihaqi24 дні тому

    Waktu masih gacor"nya

  • Ebony Jame
    Ebony Jame24 дні тому


    FRIENDLY HERO24 дні тому

    So its all bale and rolando stole the all credits !!! Always had been

  • Mangesh More Patil
    Mangesh More Patil24 дні тому

    I am always miss for ronaldo Benzema and bale

  • Chirag Joshi
    Chirag Joshi26 днів тому

    Ronaldo + Bale = Champions league

  • Joseph Dacunha
    Joseph Dacunha27 днів тому

    he is the best

  • Bhavesh Dake
    Bhavesh Dake28 днів тому

    bale should be in level of messi and ronaldo, but he doesn't took football seriously he wasted last four, five years foucsing on worthless things like golf or creating controversies

  • Dika pratama

    Dika pratama

    5 днів тому

    Yeah bale is same with neymar, they can at least near to be in level of messi or ronaldo

  • sami ahmed
    sami ahmed29 днів тому

    ريال مدريد ظلمت بيل

  • DonPiy 003
    DonPiy 00329 днів тому

    **YOU WAS THE CHOSEN ONE** but we all know what a waste of talent.

  • Andwele Harris
    Andwele HarrisМісяць тому

    0:33 I feel so bad for the defender because Bale's next move was so unpredictable

  • Regu Leo
    Regu LeoМісяць тому

    As good as Ronaldo 9 in my controversial opinion.

  • TANGO Blast
    TANGO BlastМісяць тому

    Ronaldo hated the fact he was so good. When Bale scores Ronaldo doesn’t like it at all

  • eyie Thriagung
    eyie ThriagungМісяць тому

    He almost always scoring in the champions league final

  • Milanista Ho
    Milanista HoМісяць тому

    2:40 Bale just taught Penaldo what is professional.

  • Torin O'Connor
    Torin O'ConnorМісяць тому

    Where was this vs Denmark?

  • Tom Wills
    Tom WillsМісяць тому

    Gareth bale is the best British player ever without a doubt 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    BEAT UPМісяць тому

    Fu*k Zzooo!

  • Chaithanya Dhruvathej

    Chaithanya Dhruvathej

    Місяць тому

    yeah lol

  • Muhamad Irsyad
    Muhamad IrsyadМісяць тому

    BBC best

  • Jei Marbañiang
    Jei MarbañiangМісяць тому

    Bale is definitely top 10 greatest British footballers ever

  • Stuart Miller
    Stuart MillerМісяць тому

    Zidane has blood on his hands for phasing him out of the side. One of the best players in the world on his day!

  • Sans stronger than you
    Sans stronger than youМісяць тому

    Good bale

  • Tyler Platts
    Tyler PlattsМісяць тому

    if ronaldo would’ve been happy sharing his stardom with bale it could have been the greatest partnership ever.

  • Pes 20 Mobile
    Pes 20 MobileМісяць тому

    100% confirmed real legend, without any doubt

  • Betty Thomas
    Betty ThomasМісяць тому

    The nippy rabbit equally prick because apple antenatally trust than a gifted james. obtainable, attractive order

  • 경택TV
    경택TVМісяць тому

    악마의 재능

  • Tej Wael
    Tej WaelМісяць тому

    When real madrid was unplayable BBC in the front TCM in the middle and ramos leading the defence with varane also marcelo magic , carvajal pace and navas the goalkeeper 😳 😢😢 end of an era ...

  • Srikar1897
    Srikar1897Місяць тому

    Bale will always be known for being a Madrid player, but we all know that Tottenham Hotspur is his club

  • కꫀᡶꫝ
    కꫀᡶꫝМісяць тому

    Fun Fact: Gareth Bale and Hollywood "American Psycho" Christian Bale are cousins.

  • Betty Thomas
    Betty ThomasМісяць тому

    The willing holiday acceptably spell because forecast practically fear abaft a sweet math. doubtful, luxuriant trick

  • Arya Chavan
    Arya ChavanМісяць тому

    Injury ruined his career

  • Tejas
    TejasМісяць тому

    His goals vs Liverpool and Barcelona will live long in memory.

  • nishan
    nishanМісяць тому

    ronaldo benzema and bale awesome trio

  • Jacob Goodnight
    Jacob GoodnightМісяць тому

    What Bale used to do in RM is sleep all year, doing absolutely nothing in the whole year, watching how CR7 takes RM to the UCL Final scoring between 15 and 17 goals, and then Bale finally shows up in the Final and scores. But, without CR7, Bale wouldn't have played any UCL Final in his whole career.

  • Huỳnh Lợi Nguyễn
    Huỳnh Lợi NguyễnМісяць тому

    2:20 That's TOO FAST LoL

  • Akeem Guy
    Akeem GuyМісяць тому

    A madrid legend regardless of how it ends

  • Shranob Shrestha
    Shranob ShresthaМісяць тому

    the only guy who can replace cr7 only problem is he is demotivated hope ancelotti motivates him and the beast awakes again

  • Láté NIght Grlnd
    Láté NIght GrlndМісяць тому


  • Sariyah Amaina
    Sariyah AmainaМісяць тому

    The capable start tellingly attach because acoustic thermodynamically touch for a impossible toy. bashful, ill afternoon

  • Thant Zin Soe
    Thant Zin SoeМісяць тому

    sec song name pls

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan KumarМісяць тому

    Gareth bale was the last piece in the puzzle for Real Madrid in their relentless pursuit of the much coveted La Decima. He made the Real Madrid European giants again. For me, he is definitely one of the top 3 Madrid players of last decade.

  • Ritik Nar
    Ritik NarМісяць тому

    I hope he will play with us under Carlos Ancelotti, he need some minutes to get his form back in RM. Hala Madrid ❤

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash SharmaМісяць тому

    BBC uugghh.. makes me emotional

  • Noises - Sleep & Meditation Music
    Noises - Sleep & Meditation MusicМісяць тому

    Thank you are always in madrista heart and cant wait to see you in next season as madrista again ....lots of love ❤..#halamadrid

  • Pranav kharola
    Pranav kharolaМісяць тому

    Players we can't face pressure Bale:- it's not my cup of tea 😏

  • Gerhlu_
    Gerhlu_Місяць тому

    I love the Real Madrid Trio squad Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema

  • Jackjude
    JackjudeМісяць тому

    Playing better now at a different club. I always think Real Madrid are kind of evil, like a despotic corrupt king that tortures people and cavorts around lingerie in private.

  • Satyam Sharma
    Satyam SharmaМісяць тому

    Ronaldo+Bale= Terror for opponent...........

  • Urvin Savla
    Urvin SavlaМісяць тому

    can someone name the song please

  • ATIPAT 1212
    ATIPAT 1212Місяць тому


  • ATIPAT 1212
    ATIPAT 1212Місяць тому

    LEGEND !!!

  • Aaron Garrido
    Aaron GarridoМісяць тому

    Zidane tonto por cargarte a un jugadorazo como bale

  • Matt Wood
    Matt WoodМісяць тому

    As usual the Disloyal Madrid fans turned on him😂worst fan base in the world

  • bhupendrayt
    bhupendraytМісяць тому

    With Don Carlo back do we see Bale back in the mix or will it still be adios to him?

  • Furqaan Monga
    Furqaan MongaМісяць тому

    RM Legend…come back after Euros

    AHMED ALDENA2 місяці тому

    It true he suffered many injuries but when he was fit he was on another level…………!

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов2 місяці тому

    Rename suggestion: This is how GOOD Gareth Bale was, but never will be again.

  • Jeffrey Roberts
    Jeffrey Roberts2 місяці тому

    As good as Messi and Ronaldo on his day!......and still class!

  • matt
    matt2 місяці тому

    i wish he loved football as much as golf

  • moon bulan
    moon bulan2 місяці тому

    He pro at golf too..fucking respect

  • Aaqib Khote
    Aaqib Khote2 місяці тому

    He is the real man behind Ronaldo's goals

  • Satyaki Datta
    Satyaki Datta2 місяці тому

    One of the reason of Madrid's success in the modern era

  • Abir
    Abir2 місяці тому

    The title should have been "This is how GOOD Gareth Bale used to be"

  • mac Dee
    mac Dee2 місяці тому

    I actually think the reason Zidan did not pick him .... he knew he was better than Zidan. Ego. bale is a player that arrived at a time when the seats were all taken up. He needed to be coming on scene now making move to Madrid. when R is out of way when Zidan has had a gap so that close comparison could not be made. It's like when all those films cam out in the 80s. 6 great movies in a summer and some end up as cult classics because you never saw them at the time. Bale has to fit in a career into 20 minutes a game because the people around him have tried to slow him down and reduce his legacy. Who in ten years will talk of Zidan or Ronaldo if Baled beat all their records. They want to be top of that generation and keep their legacy as solid gold not silver.

  • mac Dee
    mac Dee2 місяці тому

    best player on planet. best goals per minute ratio in premier league history and he did not play a full 90 minutes. If a competent manager buys him they win the domestic and champions league.... but competence its seems is rare. Who would gain the most? ManU - they could beat Mancity at least in any cup competition and win champions league with Bale. He wont go to Barca, He wont stay at clubs with incompetent managers that don't play him, he wont team up with Ronaldo again as they are too big for each other. PSG if he wants to play in a boring league. They'd win CL with him and might be able to accept he likes to play golf as it is perfect cool down from high intensity sport. Man city should buy him but Pepe like people he can be father to like Fergie and Bale has outgrown that kind of thing. He is most valuable to people that want to win cups as on his day he can win games buy himself. To win the league with him you also need a good team.

  • Mohd Sukri
    Mohd Sukri2 місяці тому

    ozil n ronaldo 👍👍👍

  • Jamie pretty
    Jamie pretty2 місяці тому

    UNOFFICIAL Manila/Philippines Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Club fb group shared

  • Abhinav Kara
    Abhinav Kara2 місяці тому

    A galactico In the truest sense of the word, no UK talent has ever been more a a global, sensational success, not even Beckham

  • Abdulla xoshnaw
    Abdulla xoshnaw2 місяці тому

    best best

    ITZ MEME BRO2 місяці тому

    Bale,neymar,zlatan should have a balloon d'or.....

  • Prosper Mnguni
    Prosper Mnguni2 місяці тому

    Bale you will always be the best to me

  • Kwabena panda
    Kwabena panda2 місяці тому

    Will always be our legend