Sergio Agüero | All 200 Man City Goals

Man City's all time leading goal scorer surpassed the 200 goal milestone for the club in August 2018. Watch all 200 goals starting with a double in his debut against Swansea in 2011, to the 200th against Chelsea in the 2018 Community Shield.

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    RAFSAN JANY Adnan13 годин тому

    5:17 is the one what you are looking for

  • Spray Painter
    Spray PainterДень тому

    There will no other striker can replace the kun !

  • Omar Houtsnee
    Omar Houtsnee3 дні тому

    Only Sergio aguero kan score 200 goals in 35 minutes

  • Maury
    Maury6 днів тому

    welcome to barca !!!

  • Achin K Channel
    Achin K Channel11 днів тому

    Idol 😍

  • Wxnn channel
    Wxnn channel12 днів тому

    5:20 iconic moment

  • dillon Adams
    dillon Adams13 днів тому

    The commentator pronounces his name wrong nearly bad as bruno fernadsh

  • mavis ngorima
    mavis ngorima15 днів тому

    Its sad to see him leave

  • Riefki Julian
    Riefki Julian15 днів тому

    De Bruyne should be miss him

  • ch vishal
    ch vishal15 днів тому

    aguerooooooooooooooo. thank you legend!

  • manasva worlikar
    manasva worlikar16 днів тому

    the 30th goal

  • •TheRealRizkyMercury•
    •TheRealRizkyMercury•17 днів тому

    5:21 I wanna cry to see this

  • Bolakotoilakeba Fatafehi
    Bolakotoilakeba Fatafehi18 днів тому


  • Footsplay
    Footsplay18 днів тому

    5:19 the goal you’ve been waiting for.

  • OfficialYakovEyov
    OfficialYakovEyov18 днів тому

    Boring goals

  • Warga Namec
    Warga Namec18 днів тому


  • Last Game
    Last Game19 днів тому

    who witnessed this after Aguero parted ways with Man City? :( note: you will always be in our hearts legendary💙

  • yuliii
    yuliii19 днів тому


  • Sandor Hodi
    Sandor Hodi19 днів тому

    Sergio Agüero scored 260 goals in 10 years everigde 26/ year. Luis Suares scored 198 in 6 years thats everidge 33/ year!!! You decide if Barca did the right think ???

  • Paprica 67
    Paprica 6720 днів тому

    5:18 Never forget

  • isaac kollipara
    isaac kollipara20 днів тому

    7:42 damn pep was also a goal keeper

  • Luthfi Bagas
    Luthfi Bagas20 днів тому

    See you again Legend 2021

  • Navers Kay
    Navers Kay20 днів тому

    13:32, what in the world was that? 😂😂

  • Sahal Cp
    Sahal Cp20 днів тому

    The best striker❤️

  • Wakdam
    Wakdam20 днів тому


  • sᴀɴɢ ᴍᴇʀᴀʜ
    sᴀɴɢ ᴍᴇʀᴀʜ20 днів тому

    Shooting scream😱😱😱

  • Kid Smile
    Kid Smile21 день тому

    Memories memories golden memories ❤❤

  • Jairo Rangel
    Jairo Rangel21 день тому

    5:17 is aguerooooooo

  • Lily Goddard
    Lily Goddard21 день тому

    Who's here after he has signed for Barca? missing him already :(

  • Arja Siregar
    Arja Siregar21 день тому

    serg10 a9ü320

  • brickforge12
    brickforge1221 день тому

    Who's here after he signed for barca? 🔵🔴

  • bjk9191
    bjk919121 день тому

    He reminds me to romario

  • İsmail Çildaş
    İsmail Çildaş21 день тому

    The goals are so good that 35 minutes ended so quickly

  • Phongg Vuu
    Phongg Vuu21 день тому


  • Noah Patching
    Noah Patching21 день тому

    Anyone else here after final defeat🥺🙁

  • Samuel Vega
    Samuel Vega22 дні тому

    Balotelli con esas bellezas de filtrados

  • Antonio David
    Antonio David22 дні тому

    The extra philosophy of coach Pep Guardiola is the reason for Manchester City's loss against Chelsea in the Champions League final. His choices were wrong, especially his involvement with Sterling is essential and his dismissal of Rodrigo and Fernandinho .. Majed from Algeria.

  • Andrey Pankin
    Andrey Pankin22 дні тому

    Simply the best! Good luck in Barcelona!

  • محمد الأسدي
    محمد الأسدي23 дні тому

    Dammn how many of these are an assist from David Silva!!?

  • hendra baloga
    hendra baloga23 дні тому

    There are the same goals, 83th & 84th.

  • J H
    J H24 дні тому


  • Abhishek Dubey
    Abhishek Dubey24 дні тому

    You see how many times David Silva sets it up so beautifully. Amazing!

  • Nestor Laorca
    Nestor Laorca24 дні тому

    Sergio Aguero??? The KUN!!!...THE KUN AGUEROOOO!!!

  • D P
    D P24 дні тому

    Kun Aguero set his legacy 30 goals into his City career🤣 Only he could do it🙏 what a true legend

  • D P
    D P24 дні тому

    1:05 watch David Silva, my legend💙

  • @CFCMoi11
    @CFCMoi1124 дні тому

    I bet he doesn't read much to his goal and it's just shows that he wants more to be at the top

  • Yahia Rabbi
    Yahia Rabbi25 днів тому

    16:35 🤯

  • Khun Pa.o
    Khun Pa.o25 днів тому


  • Shashi Shimpi
    Shashi Shimpi25 днів тому

    5:17 ➡️ One of the most illustrious goal of his life.

  • carlos irso
    carlos irso25 днів тому

    UCL final ... Chelsea is winning one to zero. There are only ten minutes left ... Aguero enters from the bench .... Chelsea 1- City 2 .... And the club is renamed Aguero FC or each fan gives him his girlfriend or his wife ... Greetings from Argentina

  • andreia siswanto
    andreia siswanto26 днів тому

    King Agüero... 👑

  • Danura record
    Danura record26 днів тому

    Agüero es unos de los pocos que le gana a todos los arqueros mano a mano, creo que no hay arqueros que le gane 1 a 1

  • Cocot santuy
    Cocot santuy27 днів тому


  • Gabriel Valdés
    Gabriel Valdés27 днів тому


  • Javier Kuhn
    Javier Kuhn28 днів тому

    28:45 GOLAZO !! que animal

  • Mr. H
    Mr. H28 днів тому

    Who's here after his brace against Everton ? I do hope Man City win the UCL title for a fairytale ending for Aguero

  • abrar 10s
    abrar 10s28 днів тому

    That commentater :Ahuero😂😂

  • Ketan Sarda
    Ketan Sarda28 днів тому

    Man broke Rooney's record in his last game ..such a gem 💙

  • Md Safikur Rahman
    Md Safikur Rahman28 днів тому

    Miss you soo much😥💙

  • Bristian Melz
    Bristian Melz28 днів тому

    260 GOALS TO BE EXACT !!! Thank you 🙏🏻 aguero!!

  • Sangam Kumar
    Sangam Kumar28 днів тому

    You are probably here beacause of this iconic goal 5:18 💗 Agueroooooooooooooooo. 🔥👌

  • Z P
    Z P29 днів тому

    One last dance at the etihad today 😖

  • Diego Eduardo
    Diego Eduardo29 днів тому

    Q jugador q es aguero, una pena esos videos donde no le quisieron dar pase, pero que bueno q la hinchada si lo tenga en sus corazones

    MAKDAN OFFICIALМісяць тому

    Aguero and Silva ❤️

  • Issacz Chelvam
    Issacz ChelvamМісяць тому

    I remember watching aguero when he newly joined after Sheikh Mansour's takeover. He was just a beast scoring in literally every game. Great player, and EPL Legend

  • siu krepap
    siu krepapМісяць тому

    the best stiker have... true legend ..

  • Athul Krishna
    Athul KrishnaМісяць тому

    the legend❤️❤️❤️ aguero

  • umesh moktan
    umesh moktanМісяць тому

    City legend

  • Jabir
    JabirМісяць тому

    Sergio Agürio beutiful goal.

  • Manas Sardar
    Manas SardarМісяць тому

    Clinical finisher, placings are all superb..It is puzzling why in 2014 world cup Argentina was using Higuin more than Aguero..

  • Grayden Nethercott
    Grayden NethercottМісяць тому

    Who’s here after Aguero has won his last PL title with city?

    LET'S SAVE THE WORLD.Місяць тому


  • TheGrosario5
    TheGrosario5Місяць тому

    Sí mamá,me encanta ver un video de un streamer que juega en el manchester re chetiado metiendo 200 goles

  • Sebastian Laurencena
    Sebastian LaurencenaМісяць тому

    Soy hincha de Independiente de Avellaneda ... cómo lo extraño al KUN !!!!

  • G 1234
    G 1234Місяць тому

    Gunna feel so old when I see this guy as a legend on fifa

  • seeker
    seekerМісяць тому

    Shot power 99

  • Renzo Francisco Scilipoti
    Renzo Francisco ScilipotiМісяць тому

    El hombre de los goles importantes !

  • The Truth
    The TruthМісяць тому

    Had Aguero not had all of he`s injury issues he would have easily broken Alan Shearer`s record

  • Antonio Pérez Ospina
    Antonio Pérez OspinaМісяць тому

    No sabía que éste streamer era jugador.

  • karyawan biasa
    karyawan biasa2 місяці тому

    I sad to city to pep

  • Head Boy
    Head Boy2 місяці тому

    From "It's a debut goal for Aguero!!" to "Aguero scores! As he always does." That's the story in short.

  • Mhademo M Kikon
    Mhademo M Kikon2 місяці тому


  • Tԋσɱαƚιɳ
    Tԋσɱαƚιɳ2 місяці тому

    Bueno vamo a juga

  • X Ye
    X Ye2 місяці тому

    0:07 🤨⁉️

  • Jim Taylor
    Jim Taylor2 місяці тому

    Which one better for barca aguero or haaland?

  • XakrofxfcComps


    Місяць тому

    Haaland, because he's the future, Agüero in 4 years surely will not be in one important league of europe

  • Russell ward
    Russell ward2 місяці тому

    He really gave the London clubs a battering.

  • Russell ward
    Russell ward2 місяці тому

    FFS That double nutmeg goal against Norwich. Lol

  • emmarkr
    emmarkr2 місяці тому

    Who is here after he announced to leave Man City? 😢

  • Brian MaDVD
    Brian MaDVD2 місяці тому

    i expect this video to shoot to 100milion views brian madvd

  • yasser bahaa
    yasser bahaa2 місяці тому

    14:34 goal number 83 & 84 are the same which means they are only 199 goals in this video! I'm dying to see the missing goal 😥

  • Samuel KOUDJOWA
    Samuel KOUDJOWA2 місяці тому

    What is really impressive is that most of his goals are not Tap in which is unusual for a striker

  • Carlos VG
    Carlos VG2 місяці тому

    Something tells me that his last goal is gonna be the most important

  • flyguyJavi


    Місяць тому

    Maybe he scores at the final

  • Amor The Saint
    Amor The Saint2 місяці тому

    Farewell King

  • GADO J
    GADO J2 місяці тому


  • Eren Aslan
    Eren Aslan2 місяці тому

    He is a City legend forever. 😔💔

  • Yolanda Montolalu
    Yolanda Montolalu2 місяці тому

    Salut dengan aguero yg ga pernah neko2, ga ada musuh buat dia, kesabarannya bakat alami

  • Ruben C
    Ruben C2 місяці тому

    @5:19 you are welcome

  • mateo
    mateo2 місяці тому


  • mateo
    mateo2 місяці тому

    El mejor jugador en la historia del Manchester City y el mejor Argentino que jugó en Inglaterra. Sos una leyenda Kun, te podés ir tranquilo, dejaste tu enorme huella en una de las ligas mas competitivas del Mundo.

  • Dani Kurniawan
    Dani Kurniawan2 місяці тому

    I SAW IT NOW MARCH 29, 2021 - BECAUSE TODAY MORNING HOTNEWS, about Kun will leave City at the end of season. #legend