Real Captain America Shield That Actually Bounces Back! - OVER 100 FT BOUNCE!!!


  • Mo Mentum
    Mo MentumГодину тому


  • Jhordygusman Rafaelramos
    Jhordygusman RafaelramosГодину тому

    Eres el nuevo pautan América

  • Mo Mentum
    Mo MentumГодину тому

    Dude this is awesome- love the engineering breakdown. As an engineer, this is awesome.

  • marcus butler
    marcus butlerГодину тому

    This is just a big Frisbee⁉️🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 but good video I enjoyed it💯

  • Narmada Barik
    Narmada Barik2 години тому

    Bat man

  • TechSavvyFan #1
    TechSavvyFan #12 години тому


  • John Rooks
    John Rooks2 години тому

    Make a power suit

  • jonahda0mega
    jonahda0mega2 години тому

    Remote batarang

  • Bodhi Allison
    Bodhi Allison2 години тому

    give speshll frisbee plees

  • Karo Temple
    Karo Temple3 години тому

    Me just forwarding to where I see the shield fly

  • Daniel Newland
    Daniel Newland3 години тому

    I would totally buy that wall bouncing frisbee

  • Becca Lynn 711
    Becca Lynn 7114 години тому

    You should make once of the hoverboards from Back To The Future

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson4 години тому

    I want one of those little versions its so cool i wonder what the range would be

  • Pxmply
    Pxmply4 години тому

    Hey bro I hope you see this I have a vid recommendation I think you should try and recreate when Ironman made his suit parts fly to him individually even if you just do the hand it would be awesome

  • Khaya Mulaudzi
    Khaya Mulaudzi4 години тому

    Pls make aot odm gear and blades

  • Kelly Reed
    Kelly Reed4 години тому

    you should make spidermans expanding wings

  • Ryan Keyeke
    Ryan Keyeke5 годин тому

    When are you going to make a new video

  • krishn patel
    krishn patel5 годин тому

    and by the way awsome Sheild prototype I also made 1 just like that but it can release bombs and it is bullet proof and I doubled up the carbon fiber

  • krishn patel
    krishn patel5 годин тому

    can you please make the deadpool gadgets and bullet proof suit

  • Basic Tard
    Basic Tard5 годин тому

    You should make the air umbrella and send it to Mitchell superbacker

  • nightwolfYT
    nightwolfYT5 годин тому

    Did the fiberglass ring ever break or crack

  • Captain Rex Da starwars gear head yay
    Captain Rex Da starwars gear head yay5 годин тому

    You should make mr freezes freeze ray

  • Luis Montalvo
    Luis Montalvo6 годин тому

    I know this isn’t marvel but I just watched Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter and his axe had a gun in it so yeah a axe gun

  • Muffin Hamster
    Muffin Hamster6 годин тому

    Can you make a real mjolnir that comes back to ypu

  • Astrojared
    Astrojared6 годин тому

    Can u please make your own gaming console like a PlayStation or a Xbox please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • ZSolReaper Is a bot
    ZSolReaper Is a bot7 годин тому

    Could you maybe make ODM gear from attack on titan cause that would be really cool

  • kim kenyon
    kim kenyon8 годин тому

    I would like to have on your Shield how do you make an awesome Captain America shield I would like to have one my name is Kim I just turned 37 so I would love to have a Captain America shield happy a great late birthday present

  • Carlos Grey
    Carlos Grey8 годин тому


  • Splity0792
    Splity07928 годин тому

    You should make dr strange sling ring and necklace

  • Николай Корзыков
    Николай Корзыков8 годин тому


  • Garon Weller
    Garon Weller9 годин тому

    Make the falcon wings!!!!! PLEASE. Make ur self fly like u promised in Redwing vid. Finish falcon suit!!!!!

  • Prince of Random
    Prince of Random11 годин тому

    no new projects

  • Katana Beats
    Katana Beats11 годин тому

    I think he is a geometry wiz tbh I’m pretty sure the super solder serum does enhance IQ. Can I get a fact check ?

  • Tolom Karam
    Tolom Karam11 годин тому

    This is so cool

  • Sheila Jones
    Sheila Jones11 годин тому

    If you haven't yet you should make the batman grapplehook and the baterang

  • YourLocalJaguar Playz
    YourLocalJaguar Playz12 годин тому

    5:14 - 5:50 um s-say that again please i didnt understand a word of it

  • Tara Saroha
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  • Dookie 123
    Dookie 12313 годин тому

    Allen pan ? Pls be friends with allen

  • Dookie 123
    Dookie 12313 годин тому

    ISTG this person is my inspiration to be an engineer

  • monseiur adam
    monseiur adam13 годин тому


  • Hasan Talal
    Hasan Talal13 годин тому

    A nano tech iron man suit is a cool idea that you can make

  • Deril Purwandhika
    Deril Purwandhika13 годин тому

    that’s so cool, i really like it

  • Andrew Ananichev
    Andrew Ananichev15 годин тому

    That's so dope! Man ur a super hero haha

  • Aminul Islam
    Aminul Islam15 годин тому

    kavin: New Captain : CHECK

  • Coen Lou
    Coen Lou15 годин тому

    Please make another iron man project!

  • King Midas
    King Midas16 годин тому

    Please make a actual hoverboard that hovers

  • Lincoln Harrison
    Lincoln Harrison17 годин тому

    Wolverine claws or update on green goblin hovercraft pls

    ATREY _RAJ17 годин тому

    make the robot in the street fight scene from big hero 6

  • Mac-Michael Enyam Senayah
    Mac-Michael Enyam Senayah18 годин тому

    Make more and sell it

  • Swapnomon Murari
    Swapnomon Murari19 годин тому

    Perfect frisbee. But the low flight speed due to the fact that its gliding, the shield would never hurt an enemy.

  • GM Roasts
    GM Roasts19 годин тому

    Jake you should make a hammer that can fly to you only when you stretch out your arm

  • Erik Rosenwald
    Erik Rosenwald21 годину тому

    8:38 ok, that was fucking epic

  • sam
    sam21 годину тому

    You should make an antman helmet that lets you talk to bugs

  • Night Rat
    Night Rat21 годину тому

    Day 1 of asking for air umbrella for chris.

  • Roshan Indika
    Roshan Indika22 години тому

    Can you make the thor's hammer . Pls 😊

  • Tariku S
    Tariku S23 години тому

    Iron man suit

  • Seth Clouser
    Seth ClouserДень тому

    Plz make a drone umbrella

  • meerkat_4
    meerkat_4День тому

    Cool build! Next idea: Air umbrella. Look up criticals latest video on the saga of Michael the super backer . It would be funny and poetic to give him the justice he deserves

  • heri LG
    heri LGДень тому

    hey dude.. can u make new one for me 😅 , How much

  • Sargunesh sargunesh
    Sargunesh sarguneshДень тому

    Make a Black penter suit pls

  • Haxorus
    HaxorusДень тому

    Can I buy the shield itself

  • Supersaiyan Yami Eric
    Supersaiyan Yami EricДень тому

    Here’s an idea can you make Deku’s gamma Iron soles made of real metal or Deku’s mask out of metal

  • Logan _draws
    Logan _drawsДень тому

    If you can, make a full metal expandable spear from black panther like the one okoye uses in Korea.

  • uhavemooface
    uhavemoofaceДень тому

    Would have been hilarious if you would have broken one of the windows when throwing that thing.

  • Mirón Martínez Jesus Eduardo
    Mirón Martínez Jesus EduardoДень тому

    Does anyone know what the name is, what makes the shield bounce?

  • Thapelo Pute
    Thapelo PuteДень тому

    Why don't u and the hacksmith work together on a project Like this if u would like to see that happen

  • Andrea Mejia
    Andrea MejiaДень тому

    Can I please have a disk

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur MorganДень тому

    You should make a power fist or laser rifle or musket

  • Dr
    DrДень тому

    I know this is very late but Could you make a mechagodzilla which actually have weapons and is made is durable material (ie steel)

  • Virginia Register
    Virginia RegisterДень тому

    make a thor hamer with real electrisety

  • Biswajit Modak
    Biswajit ModakДень тому

    Cooll done great job

  • David Creation Studio
    David Creation StudioДень тому

    Me and my friends bought fiberglass and made shields and it works 😂

  • Ashwin Ksr
    Ashwin KsrДень тому

    Hey bro fan's from India make it REAL Green goblin hoverboard..!! Can u ??¿

  • Brannon Short
    Brannon ShortДень тому

    Hey jlaser u should make working cyclops glasses

  • Jadeaphire
    JadeaphireДень тому

    I’ve wanted this for years and just realized no one as ever done this. I know it’s not exactly a “build” but it kinda is? Can you make Honey Lemon from the movie Big Hero 6’s chemical bombs? Something like that irl would be so cool

  • JpNFL Pro

    JpNFL Pro

    День тому

    Yes pease that would be amazing

  • Justin Tsui
    Justin TsuiДень тому

    Here before it blows up

  • Kwabena Ampaw
    Kwabena AmpawДень тому

    Can you make a submarine drone . Like a drone that moves under water

  • LaeenRealm
    LaeenRealmДень тому

    This Guy's Captain America Shield Is Basically A Giant Frisbee 😂 **LOL**

  • Thunder Man K.O
    Thunder Man K.OДень тому

    make a Thor's hammer or stormbreaker that comes bake to you

  • DoublePumpFunc
    DoublePumpFuncДень тому

    make a nanotech ironman suit from infinity war

  • Ma. Elisa Tero
    Ma. Elisa TeroДень тому

    Actually adimatium is stronger than vibranum

  • Gaj Senju
    Gaj SenjuДень тому

    Excellent content. That's going to be a cool toy.

  • Kshitij Paikara
    Kshitij PaikaraДень тому

    Make hiccup sword in how to train your dragon 2

    FETT'SBOUNTYДень тому

    can you please make like notes for the videos you make and post it i mean the mechanics and blueprints stuff also like your ideas bro theyre awesome!!!

    TOSHYNEWSДень тому

    Amazing 🤩

  • Kurt B Amo-Mensah
    Kurt B Amo-MensahДень тому

    Do Thor’s hammer next you can make It fully out of metal and a hole in the middle for a wire connected to two metal plates welded to the hammer

  • wa wa chicenugget
    wa wa chicenuggetДень тому

    To Jay laser can you make something for me its like the ironman glove that you made But use lasers in the repulser so when you press button and make it small pls. Challenge make all the lasers into 1 big beam hope you see this

  • Grayson Thompson
    Grayson ThompsonДень тому

    Maybe make something from the taskmaster

  • B- Tny
    B- TnyДень тому

    Make heroe’s fighter bot from big hero six that actually works

  • B- Tny

    B- Tny

    День тому

    Ik it’s a cartoon but I was watching the movie and it seems semi possible using magnets in some sort of plastic covers to make it look right and some programming to make it work.

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  • Daniel De los santos
    Daniel De los santosДень тому

    Do the Hinobi gauntlet for glitch techs from the Netflix show glitch techs.

  • AnonymousAvalanche
    AnonymousAvalanche2 дні тому

    Accidentally creates sport

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher2 дні тому

    this man is really cutting fiberglass while wearing a tank top 10:13

  • LynxLynx
    LynxLynx2 дні тому

    your face like jordi el nino

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    A frisbee

  • 4NRKY_FrostBite
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    Or something you wanna make

  • 4NRKY_FrostBite
    4NRKY_FrostBite2 дні тому

    Look you probably will not see this but can you make a hidden dagger like in assassins creed pls pls pls

  • Ella-trh 29
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    You are underrated like you deserve more followers