Yarmolenko LOVES Coca-Cola AND Heineken!


  • Blah Blah Blah
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  • Ashish Pradhan
    Ashish Pradhan23 дні тому

    Is he speaking Half Russian and half Ukrainian?

  • Ben Bristow
    Ben Bristow27 днів тому

    Shame it's non-alcoholic Heineken 😂

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  • HairulHajid
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  • Faba Papa
    Faba PapaМісяць тому

    I absolutely love the joy in this

  • Eat Football
    Eat FootballМісяць тому

    not funny dude ..

  • noctus jordan
    noctus jordanМісяць тому

    Cheap snob

  • Jak Mihoff
    Jak MihoffМісяць тому

    He just wants a pay cheque and a lil fame...faker dont drink it like ppl who takes ig photos of food

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  • ropual ropu
    ropual ropuМісяць тому

    Ronaldo mamón petulante

  • Nikola Kostić
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  • Nikos
    NikosМісяць тому

    Who is he.A random idiot who found the opportunity to make money for the sake of the public health. Drink water or Juice.

  • Mídiacorrupta
    MídiacorruptaМісяць тому

    And drugs too

  • mig3080
    mig3080Місяць тому

    Good trolling!)

  • Petnum T
    Petnum TМісяць тому

    Love Ronaldo do the right thing 😂

  • inker man
    inker manМісяць тому

    No wonder yarmolenko is not a world class player unlike Cristiano Ronaldo. World class players know what is good for their body

  • T J
    T JМісяць тому

    Good comeback yarmolenko , most dont knw him

  • בלבןIdontspeakminecraft חרא
    בלבןIdontspeakminecraft חראМісяць тому

    I love him

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  • Trang Nguyen dinh
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  • BigFoot
    BigFootМісяць тому

    А Ярмола, оказывается, знатный Тролль ))

    MTG COACHМісяць тому

    Who's right? The answer in less than 60 seconds : ukport.info9RB-ktoQVZE?feature=share

  • Ayush Garg
    Ayush GargМісяць тому

    He said f ronaldo he’s rich as hell. I’m just tryna get my bag.

  • Ronaldinho D10s

    Ronaldinho D10s

    Місяць тому

    Lol what? Yarmolenko's net worth is 40 million dollars 😅 more than some Bollywood celebrities 😂

  • berdy wenav!
    berdy wenav!Місяць тому

    who are you ?

  • berdy wenav!
    berdy wenav!Місяць тому

    dia mah kaga terkenal wkwkwkw ga ngaruh apa apa

  • LoneWOLF TV
    LoneWOLF TVМісяць тому

    Disrespect CR7

  • madao san
    madao sanМісяць тому

    Ronaldo the average water fan. Yarmolenko the average coca cola enjoyer.

  • Nending Grayu
    Nending GrayuМісяць тому

    I didn't like CR7's reaction towards sponsors in the 1st place... Sponsors have signed contracts with FIFA and players should respect that.

  • Midhad Mehić
    Midhad MehićМісяць тому

    Yarmolenko Is Legend 🤑😅

  • Peter Knartz
    Peter KnartzМісяць тому

    Красавчик Андрий👍🏽😃

  • Awais Pasha
    Awais PashaМісяць тому

    Because Not affected on Slavs

  • Heri No Lemot
    Heri No LemotМісяць тому

    lesser known players take advantage of this moment

  • Rozhan singer B
    Rozhan singer BМісяць тому

    Coca-Cola did this without Ronaldo's permission and did not pay his share. That's why he was upset, that's it. CR7🤘⚽️


    Heineken⤵️ -5%

  • john nicholls
    john nichollsМісяць тому

    Tirou onda hahaa !!!

  • Luka Lukaa
    Luka LukaaМісяць тому

    Bo Ukrainiec musi się pucowac dla coli czy heineken bo kasy im brakuje I dla siana wszystko w Ronaldo ma wyjebane w niego czy cole

  • Tiyasha Das
    Tiyasha DasМісяць тому

    Very bad video

  • GoldEEr
    GoldEErМісяць тому

    i love how he's just really having fun

  • Mazlan Mohd Hassan
    Mazlan Mohd HassanМісяць тому

    CR7 is word class score gool. You Andriy is not famous

  • Mar Aya

    Mar Aya

    21 день тому

    he is very famous in Ukraine

  • Risman AJ
    Risman AJМісяць тому

    Who is he??

  • dae rezky rahadian
    dae rezky rahadianМісяць тому

    every football player deserve to pick their drink,, but best player make their best choice as you know who cristiano ronaldo is and who yarmolenko is,,,

  • Paul Bortnik
    Paul BortnikМісяць тому

    Ukraine is a poor third world country ... Rules and norms of behavior do not work there ...

  • Richi Bravo
    Richi BravoМісяць тому

    Cuánto les pagaron para que hicieran eso?.

  • Goodbye Stranger
    Goodbye StrangerМісяць тому

    The first serious player in this Euro 2020 😅😅

  • Satul de Activisti
    Satul de ActivistiМісяць тому

    Don't tach Ukraine!

  • Вадим Горобец
    Вадим ГоробецМісяць тому

    Dislikes are from offended snowflakes 😂

  • Marko Djordjic
    Marko DjordjicМісяць тому

    He is taking a piss out of ronaldo, and i would to, guy is ego maniac

  • lalah sherley
    lalah sherleyМісяць тому

    I love it😍😍

  • Квак-Ша Болотная
    Квак-Ша БолотнаяМісяць тому

    Yarmolenko is the best player in Ukraine! Portugal lost to Ukraine! Ukraine took 1st place in the Euro selection and continues to troll the Portuguese.

  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel SilvaМісяць тому

    This is what i call a 🤡

  • Loqman AYACHE
    Loqman AYACHEМісяць тому

    When you are nobody and no one knows you, you will definitely try to imitate the elders

  • Mar Aya

    Mar Aya

    21 день тому

    everyone knows him in Ukraine

  • Riju Sikder
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  • Vadym D
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  • EyeofTiger72
    EyeofTiger72Місяць тому

    Who ist that guy???

  • Zizi Bibi
    Zizi BibiМісяць тому

    Free palistina

  • Zizi Bibi
    Zizi BibiМісяць тому

    Free palistina

  • Josue Chang
    Josue ChangМісяць тому

    I mean, a Coca Cola Sponsorship would be big for this guy, but Ronaldo doesn't need more sponsors lol, he'd just take what he actually agrees with since he's got so much money that he does't need anymore

  • Josue Chang

    Josue Chang

    Місяць тому

    @Ronaldinho D10s now check Ronaldo's net worth, I have no doubt Yarmolenko could stop playing and live a comfortable life with just the money he already has but it is nowhere near Ronaldo, and a deal with Coke would be significant for him

  • Ronaldinho D10s

    Ronaldinho D10s

    Місяць тому

    Lol Yarmolenko earns millions of dollars every year why does he need it lol check his net worth its 40 millions

  • rurouni_TIMTIM
    rurouni_TIMTIMМісяць тому

    what a mad bastard xD hahahah mad respecc.

  • Syed K Masud
    Syed K MasudМісяць тому

    Just another greedy footballer!

  • Ronaldinho D10s

    Ronaldinho D10s

    Місяць тому

    His net worth is 40 million dollars Bruh

  • supra107
    supra107Місяць тому

    No wonder he loves them, he'll start the party with some beer and then wash down vodka with Coke. :)

  • emci urzua
    emci urzuaМісяць тому

    I thought you were a footballer and now I realize that you are a clown

  • nazarene
    nazareneМісяць тому

    Come on guys don't take it seriously. Ronaldo just sent a good message because he can. Others can't but they're triggered and didn't think it's a good idea to stay calm so they're trolling.

  • Стирглиусс
    СтирглиуссМісяць тому

    Symbols of a meaningless consumer society and the perky humor of Andrey Yarmolenko )

  • Shashank Singh
    Shashank SinghМісяць тому

    This is how beggers looks like

  • Shashank Singh

    Shashank Singh

    Місяць тому

    @Ronaldinho D10s but still begging for sponsorship

  • Ronaldinho D10s

    Ronaldinho D10s

    Місяць тому

    That guys net worth is 40 million dollars Mr nobody

  • ÖzeR Rize
    ÖzeR RizeМісяць тому

    Tassagini yiyinn ronaldonunnnmm

  • David Guite
    David GuiteМісяць тому

    Nobody cares Ronaldo putting away Coke, we still love it, we still drink it

  • jostjuice
    jostjuiceМісяць тому

    We all know it is all in good spirit. But to be real - Ronaldo did a good service. It’s stupidity advertising these corporations selling crap and poison to people. Millions of overweight, depressed, diabetic kids worldwide. And as far as heineken... people really should do something more useful with the time they have on this Earth, than get drunk. God bless

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin WrightМісяць тому

    It's a smart move from him. I am sure they will sponsor him and make good money besides football. He's got the mind of an influencer!

  • Arture Nobel
    Arture NobelМісяць тому

    When CR7 piss on Coca Cola other want to make money from

  • Silver Sadie
    Silver SadieМісяць тому

    Ronaldo fan here. This guy is funny! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sayed view
    Sayed viewМісяць тому

    My question is who is he????

  • L dejongh
    L dejonghМісяць тому

    Still i would recommend hertog Jan , Heineken is popular but the beer became pee in a bottle

  • Maxime Rouyer
    Maxime RouyerМісяць тому

    ukport.info/more/18uqmIXTaKiogtY/v-deo.html DESCHAMPS DID BETTER !

  • Орієнта Ліст
    Орієнта ЛістМісяць тому

    Master Troll))))))))))))))))))

  • Yorgun Savaşçı
    Yorgun SavaşçıМісяць тому


  • rmzn ustd
    rmzn ustdМісяць тому

    He loves money

  • Asad Ashraf
    Asad AshrafМісяць тому

    That’s why your you, and not a Ronaldo

  • teleespantoso
    teleespantosoМісяць тому

    Real professional! Keep partners close, and don't be a moron - like Pogba and Ronaldo the female male.

  • Samir Guerrero Adam
    Samir Guerrero AdamМісяць тому

    Vodka 🇷🇺🍸🇷🇺🍸 🥰🥰😁😁😁😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Mohd Ikhwan
    Mohd IkhwanМісяць тому

    He made me want to buy a bottle of Pepsi


    Как вам такое видео :ukport.info/more/laufZZ2ao77Ujbw/v-deo.html

  • Aiman Zafran
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  • Andreas Warakuta
    Andreas WarakutaМісяць тому

    Oh my gosh… its soooo funny… 🤦‍♂️

  • Mairi Myri
    Mairi MyriМісяць тому

    No use. No body knows. H h h h h

  • Soham MOJO
    Soham MOJOМісяць тому

    Coca shoots up 4B in markets tonight.

  • maccy w
    maccy wМісяць тому

    woka cola

  • Dani Tucano
    Dani TucanoМісяць тому

    A very stupid gesture from an athlete ..... but, considering that he is from Ukraine, he has an excuse .... There Cola and beer are very cheap and people drink them because they are hungry .... .Like the coca leaf in South America ...

  • Umut Sari
    Umut SariМісяць тому

    Украина женщина дла денги секс Й что хочиш дла денги делаешь. Мушина тоже похожи. Яармаленко ты Роналдо палис не похожи. Ты кто?

  • Won't stop here
    Won't stop hereМісяць тому

    stupid man

  • Hick hemoff
    Hick hemoffМісяць тому


  • Odi_wa_taita_ Official
    Odi_wa_taita_ OfficialМісяць тому

    No matter how far Ronaldo moves cocacola bottles....its still our best drink in Africa kenya......@cocacola.....mwache umbwakini

  • Rizki Haliliber
    Rizki HaliliberМісяць тому

    who is yarmolenko? He is not equal to cr7🤣

  • Sardi Baykal
    Sardi BaykalМісяць тому

    WHO the fuck ist that Guy

  • Velasquez
    VelasquezМісяць тому

    He looks cheap.

  • Insights Overdose
    Insights OverdoseМісяць тому

    He just wants money

  • Yvvael Nialbo
    Yvvael NialboМісяць тому

    Yarmolenko securing the points and the bag for himself😂

  • Hassan Sekhri
    Hassan SekhriМісяць тому