So I made a Gameshow... (ft. Techno, George, Quackity and Sapnap)


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    Could have missed a joke 0:25 bad=badboyhalo

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    sandra wright

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    Poor snake it lost it's "balls". Lol

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    12:00 Only in Australia can you buy golf ball that got swallowed by a python 🤣🤣🤣. That's my continent for you

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    Alt title: 30 minutes of Techno George Quackity and Sapnap being assholes

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    Fundy is awesome

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    is the dog in a s£x chair 😀

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    I literally skipped Raid: Shadow Legends so fast I almost missed the video

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    ᥴꪮkꫀ it’s a fancy way to say Coke ت4 години тому


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    22:51 pesos? Bruh

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    This is the most scuffed thing I've ever seen

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    RaiD sHaDOw LEGeNds

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    He doesn’t upload very often but when he does, the wait is worth it ----------- CHANGE MY MIND -----------

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    Why is your pfp ugly?

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    Nobody: Litterally nobody: Fundy: RaInBOw!

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    I gueesed 600 for the water botle becuse ı saw it in a video

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    ziek goede video

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    Hey shittas, i made a gameshow!

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    Lol I have the water bottle at the end it was like 20 dollars

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    I completely forgot George and Sapnap were part of this "show" when it was only Techno and Quackity left.

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    Fundy looks starved... He looks like a twig now...

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    Did you know that the l'manberg has been blown up after every president

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    IRL we're mature,when we're playing Minecraft, we're complete children🤣

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    this video genuinely pissed me off. Technoblade was the only one who was actually playing the game and he barely spoke, everybody else was so fucking annoying.

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    what the hay17 годин тому

    Ur marriage to Dream did not continue furry boi

  • Stacey Roser
    Stacey Roser18 годин тому

    Can you do minecraft but when you take damage you turn into a ghost for 5 minutes but you get netherite loot for as long as your a ghost for.

  • outerspace
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    Fundy please make a Minecraft mod where bats drop bat meat which you can use to make a bat soup. when you eat the soup The oxygen bubbles Countdown even when you're not under water and you die...

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    Mr.Di's brother19 годин тому

    Oh my goodness your voice is so BEUTIFUL! Also sorry for Dream 'divorcing' you-

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    I imagine that fundy is the babysitter and those 4 are the babies

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    been a month since this has been uploaded

  • Anti


    20 годин тому

    and it is still a fun video to watch

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    Micronesia is a country

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    oh,so you have rtx?

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    does he uplode every 3 months ,2 months or 1 month im not sure

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    He died..

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    Ladies in German we welcome to the show of furry

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    When youtubers say there sponsored because the video took so long to make it means it took them long to get a sponsor for the video

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    *-{Funneh Teddy}-*День тому

    Fundy, I have a shimeji of you :)

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    Hey fundy im dutch i mean like...hallo mijn naam is Sander en ik ben Nederlands morgen ga ik lekker Minecraft spelen ik yt video's van fundy kijken dit was mijn presentatie

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    I don’t really like you no more, WHY DID YOU DROWN SOMEONE IN MINECRAFT

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    This is a shitshow

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    I feel bad for fundy

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    minecraft but if you broke a block every texture will be tath block

  • Hardcore Weeb
    Hardcore WeebДень тому

    And now I have to commit a secound warcrime because of Raid

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    Surely Fundy thought his vis is ruined but bro that's epic content lol

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    13:30 is gonna haunt me in my dreams

  • ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs
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    How to get a headache in 2 minutes:Host a game show for these 4 dream smp players.

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    Fundy went insaine in this vid 🙃

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    Fundy are you there

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    Pesos = Filipino money whos a Filipino viewer

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    Waar woon je??

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    Hi I just wanted to say I’m so proud of you and your team at mcc you did a great job

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    hellДень тому

    the description is killing me

  • hell
    hellДень тому

    just host a guess the price show they said, it would be fun they said

  • hell
    hellДень тому

    sapnap (epic)

  • hell
    hellДень тому

    why is quackity so funny.

  • Fammy Nugget
    Fammy NuggetДень тому

    I nearly disliked due to Raid.

  • Lili Stewart
    Lili StewartДень тому

    can you and the rest of the dream smp sing wellerman plz!

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    Jotaro skin

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    Fundy why ur skin is jotaro from jjba but furry?

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    You have raid legends to rest I have afk arena to rest with to

  • Shafeeqa Shah
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    When did you join the Dream SMP? Can you do a series in the dream smp? Please? Everyone vote!


    I thought that the thumbnail said guess the pride

  • Kailon 407
    Kailon 4072 дні тому

    "lowered up" 160 iq bruh

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is Patrick2 дні тому

    Fundy, what monitor do you use/ recommend for gaming. I can’t find one that is in my price and has the correct outlets

  • Salazar Alec
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    "each time you do something good you might get lowered up" 19:16

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    Fundy: This video is sponsored by RSL! Me: *oh no...*

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    Techno is the bast guesser in the universe

  • KingOfSilliness
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    Fundy, I know how disgusting it is to work on a project all day and get an error in your face. But can you code a minecraft game

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    @Technoblade true

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    i love how techno never said the word until after the starting

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    Hallo Fundy ik weet dat je Nederlands bent dus ja ik hou van jou je bent de beste nederlandse UKportr

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    You should make raid shadow legion in mc

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    I love ur vidssssssssssss so much :)))))))))))

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    Hey make some mod for bedrock player (Please 😶)

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    I love you fundy UwU

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    I think harvest jack is a girl

  • Tycho o
    Tycho o3 дні тому

    @fundy are you from the Netherlands ? Im from there

  • WolfPack Studios
    WolfPack Studios3 дні тому

    Fundy trying to help technoblade XD

    CJ DA BEAST3 дні тому

    I’ll keep it quick I’m a dream smp fan I’m a kid though I’m hoping that will help and not bring me down I’m nice and I like role play I’m a new twitch streamer my twitch is cjdabeast1476 and Ye the dream smp inpired me and it would mean the world to me if I could join and again I’m not a robot I’m a real person my nickname is CJ my real name I probably shouldn’t say in public but is Cooper and yeah have a nice day 😁



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  • That Hollow Knight plush that haunts you in dreams

    That Hollow Knight plush that haunts you in dreams

    3 дні тому


  • That Hollow Knight plush that haunts you in dreams

    That Hollow Knight plush that haunts you in dreams

    3 дні тому


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    psttttt hey fundy :) psttttttttttt hey :) yeah you :D where is dream again with the whole "I Married Dream"? pt 3:) please

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    Haha leuke video *super video

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    Je moet meer Nederlands praten “Floris” Groetjes uit Nederland 🇳🇱 (ik hou van vrouwen) 😅

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    I swear like the past four vids I watched were all sponsored by raid shadow legends...

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    Edit the ice physics to 99999999999

  • Rune Koetse
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    alle Nederlandse mensen onder ons fundy is Nederlands btw (geen haat als je het al wist)

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    Minecraft. But you need go to toilet

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    I want to learn to anamate just to anamate this

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    Hallo (:

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    Technoblade never dies

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    Ladies and gentlemen welcome to channel inactivity

  • Scp 3008 - The Infinite Ikea
    Scp 3008 - The Infinite Ikea4 дні тому

  • The flawless wings
    The flawless wings4 дні тому

    Welcome to UKport’s most unpredictable uploader

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    PLS do minecraft but you can stop time and can run fast well time is stopped

  • Arvelmay TM
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    Are red pandas close enough to foxes? They are sometimes called fire foxes.

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    This whole thing stressed the fuck out of me

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    Wait is it me or did sapnap slightly change his skin? :0