WHY Thomas Müller is the world's most underrated player | THE RAUMDEUTER

Thomas Müller is one of the most unique players in world football. He’s so special, they had to invent a position just for him: the Raumdeuter. He’s also one of the few footballers who’s clearly not afraid to be himself. Just as his ponies. For all his goofball antics, and his hard-to-define style of play, plenty of people forget just how good he is. But the World Cup and Champions League winner isn’t just one of modern football’s most unique attackers, he’s clearly one of its best.

Report by Thomas Lemmer
Camera: Thomas Lemmer
Editing: David Jacobi
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  • rishad abdul rasheed
    rishad abdul rasheed4 години тому

    Klose did it before muller and was more effective then

  • Mr. Paranoid
    Mr. Paranoid11 годин тому

    Nothing .... He's the best .

  • Redark Of Exark
    Redark Of Exark14 годин тому

    Most overrated if you have seen the last matches.

  • My Dream
    My DreamДень тому

    Becos he is the bad guy like pepe, zalatin & Sergio Ramos..the bad boys

  • Mufaro Mawere
    Mufaro MawereДень тому

    Song in the intro?

  • Michael Hydehill
    Michael HydehillДень тому

    i always prefer and love clever footballers to the footballers with abilities. because most of the footballers are dumbass or blind or selfish. but muller… oh i love that man so much. he always carries the team he plays.

  • august malsawma Sailo
    august malsawma SailoДень тому

    The first time i saw how Muller wear socks.. i can see that this guy dont care how good you are.. 😎

  • Arnab Datta
    Arnab DattaДень тому


  • Tejas
    Tejas3 дні тому

    Muller is one of the most intelligent players I’ve ever seen on the football field. He plays with his brain. Brilliant player.

  • Junied Tazrian
    Junied Tazrian4 дні тому

    Because he is not from Argentina or brazil

  • Gabson
    Gabson6 днів тому

    In other terms for Example Basketball, he didn't use brute force to take the rebounds/turnovers. But he sees the ball movement,spin,arch to know where the ball will end up and take that moment into account.

  • Ted Kaczynski Unabomber
    Ted Kaczynski Unabomber6 днів тому

    Who thinks that Muller is not absoulte top do.... In my opinion he is top player of his generation. He is always leading the battle for both club and nation. Just a beast on the pitch and for most defenders a horrible day to play. And me being from the Netherlands that says something ;)

  • Just a Random Stickmin with a Hat
    Just a Random Stickmin with a Hat8 днів тому

    Basically he is just like inzhaghi?

  • George Boutselis
    George Boutselis11 днів тому

    Raumdeuter. It's VERY cool actually.

  • DominicAdu Gyamfi
    DominicAdu Gyamfi11 днів тому

    I think he is far better than iniesta and xavi but due to publicity we don't recognize it

  • nawras dalla
    nawras dalla12 днів тому

    Thomas muller is my FAVOURITE of all time... Second is miroslav klose

  • Salman Faris Mangatt
    Salman Faris Mangatt12 днів тому

    Inasmuch as football is a team work, Müller is world-class. And his humility makes me more respectful of him.

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi12 днів тому

    Underrated? Meanwhile ...10000 videos on youtube about him🤣

  • Michał Markowski
    Michał Markowski13 днів тому

    For many years I was a FCB and German national team hater (always cheered against them). But then came Thomas Mueller. He was the first one. Then Neuer, Lewy and Kimmich. Now I'm a FCB fan and I wish all the best for the German national team. For me Thomas Mueller is a symbol. And I agree, he's really under appreciated. For me hard work, intellect and team play are more important than pace, dribbling or physical skills. Thomas Mueller is the definition of hard wrok, intellect and team play.

  • Lapraxi
    Lapraxi13 днів тому

    Müller an underrated player?? LOL!! The man is a world legend!!

  • Carlos H
    Carlos H13 днів тому

    Reminds me of Raul, not the most technical, not the fastest, but always at the right place, always producing goals and always being a key to win titles

  • wiwimacher
    wiwimacher15 днів тому

    underrated? dude he's thomas fucking müller.

  • wiwimacher


    14 днів тому

    @DW Kick off! you are right man i just wanted attention sorry..

  • DW Kick off!

    DW Kick off!

    15 днів тому

    Well, as an example: he won the Golden Boot at the World Cup 2010, yet was only ranked 15th in the Ballon d’or of that year. He didn’t always get the credit he deserved, did he?

  • jays68239
    jays6823915 днів тому

    Müller is one of the best palyers the last 10 years, without any doubt..And I have to say, this vid is really dope, nice made!!

  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    Friedrich Nietzsche16 днів тому

    The most underrated football player in world. Busquets. Kroos : I'm joke to you

  • Aditya Khachane
    Aditya Khachane16 днів тому

    He's been always on my list in top 3 and his performance in the 2010 world cup was just spectacular..

  • tiamta
    tiamta17 днів тому

    raum deuter is more actually "space hustler/slipper"

  • DW Kick off!

    DW Kick off!

    17 днів тому

    who would contradict the man himself?

  • Amin Mikail
    Amin Mikail17 днів тому

    When talking about Messi and Ronaldo with my friends,we always say both of them are good dribler,good shooter,good goal scorer and all . But when it comes to Muller,I don't have a word for it .He's neither a good shooter nor a good dribler .The way he play is unique and I always ended up saying Thomas Muller is just weirdly a very talented and good player.

  • stuckonautomatic
    stuckonautomatic17 днів тому

    4:00 To be fair. The fact that he leads in assists in Bundesliga history is also partly due to the fact that assists haven't been tracked prior to the 1990s. So all the assist in Gerd Müller's goals are pretty much untracked. Still a great achievement, and he is still playing. - And Messi is a true phenomenon: So many assists despite already actually scoring a shitload of goals.

  • Joabie's Football channel
    Joabie's Football channel19 днів тому

    Why is his FIFA 21 rating 85 and not 93

  • Muhib Hasan
    Muhib Hasan19 днів тому

    2 nd messi

  • ahmed Bouzidi
    ahmed Bouzidi20 днів тому

    Thomas muller is exceptional player ♥

  • Nathan Soper
    Nathan Soper21 день тому

    Listening to him talk in English you can tell how intelligent he is. Speaks more eloquently than most English players that's for sure!

  • Matthew Hobson
    Matthew Hobson21 день тому

    He looks like such a trickster


    I've rated him since 2010 WC..

  • John Zimpelman
    John Zimpelman21 день тому

    As much that Lewandowski is the best 9in in the world, Muller IS Bayern Munich.

  • S'all good,man
    S'all good,man23 дні тому

    now hansi flick is back to the mannschaft i hope he brings him back again.

  • DW Kick off!

    DW Kick off!

    23 дні тому

    Müller IS already back😁for the EURO

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow23 дні тому

    He’s simply the best player and most humble person,thanks for al assist to Lewy 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Adil Surfas
    Adil Surfas23 дні тому

    The best ever player who is deadly without ball in position, nobody in the history of football is near to him and I think no one will be( with out ball) , I can't imagine a team without muller and neuer, two revolutionary

  • Nishant Sharma
    Nishant Sharma23 дні тому

    Thomas Muller is much much better than lewandaski, he is the reason behind bayern dominance

  • Roshan Lamsal
    Roshan Lamsal24 дні тому

    Müller is the only reason I fell in love with Germany national team and Bayern Munich...❤️❤️❤️ Absolute legend 👑👑👑

  • Rashid Omar
    Rashid Omar24 дні тому


  • Yến Hoàng
    Yến Hoàng24 дні тому

    I love his laugh 😆. Its makes me want to laugh too

  • Sandro777
    Sandro77725 днів тому


  • Nsubuga Patrick
    Nsubuga Patrick25 днів тому

    This guy can only fit in Bayern, I’ve never thought of him as a good player.

  • Antares


    17 днів тому

    tf do you mean, he is both a world cup winner and a world cup topscorer

  • Know More Know Less
    Know More Know Less25 днів тому

    Muller has a seventh sense. 🔥

  • Ibrahim Dafalla
    Ibrahim Dafalla25 днів тому

    After bringing back muller and signing flick as national team manager, Germany will sky rocket to the top

  • Iskandar Aziz
    Iskandar Aziz25 днів тому

    No he is not. Karim Benzema is.

  • Aubame Pierre
    Aubame Pierre25 днів тому

    he's maybe not the best, he's maybe not the worst, but one thing for sure, he got a unique style, it's ugly, clever, efficient, and when you start to look at him during a match you cannot stare to another player, his deplacement his choice are on another level, you can't criticise his skills but without it, he's still one of the clever player of our time

  • 25Daniel25100
    25Daniel2510025 днів тому

    Müller is the Kuroko of football

  • Ben Haney
    Ben Haney26 днів тому

    Damn Germans have a lot more names for positions. I’m not talking about the space interpreter shit. Look at all the names they’re using on that website. They’re calling Mueller a hangende spitz. Which is apparently a “deep lying forward...” different from offensive mittelfeld. Liksauben for left winger. Calling Giggs a linkes mittlefield different from a zentrales mittlefield and the offensive mittlefield. Wayne Rooney is a mittlesturmer. Storming the middle, like it. Fun with language! So why can’t Mueller just be a hangende spitz?

  • Ben Haney
    Ben Haney26 днів тому

    Obviously if your lucky that often... But really this space interpreter bs is stupid. A bunch of players don’t fit into any one position and just kind of roam around. You don’t seem Messi making up silly names for himself. They’re both forwards. Leave it at that.

  • Ben Haney

    Ben Haney

    26 днів тому

    * type of dog

  • Ben Haney

    Ben Haney

    26 днів тому

    And apparently, according to that website, the Germans call him a hangende spitz. Which Google tells me is either a type of do or a deep lying playmaker. So sounds enough like Mueller. Why can’t we go with that?

  • Ben Haney

    Ben Haney

    26 днів тому

    Also you don’t get to choose your own nickname and this is basically that...

  • yörüngesine oturmayan teleskop
    yörüngesine oturmayan teleskop26 днів тому

    Lol underrated? I guess a dictionary is needed. Müller travels like a coward Chicken in big games. Most overratted player.

  • J L
    J L26 днів тому

    how is he underrated? everyone who knows and watches football rates him highly. so many stupid "underrated" videos of players who r highly rated.

  • Oswin Brown
    Oswin Brown26 днів тому

    imagine muller and messi playing together. Messi dribbling and creating spaces and Muller exploiting the best spaces to either assist or shoot. But this will never happen as Muller will never leave Bayern and Messi i don't think he will never leave Barca even if Barca are having a bad season.

  • Agust
    Agust27 днів тому

    Guardiola didn’t like much, weirdly

  • Didin Hidayat
    Didin Hidayat27 днів тому

    Imagine you have someone like Muller and Inzaghi as striker they would be unstopable

  • Claudio Rodríguez
    Claudio Rodríguez27 днів тому

    The abortive unit promisingly bolt because continent systemically guard till a remarkable step-grandfather. conscious, tranquil jogging

  • Christoph
    Christoph27 днів тому

    Underrated??? Who actually (other than Löw and Kovač) doesn't appreciate Müller? I don't think any club manager wouldn't want to have Müller on their squad. He IS the best earning Bayern player though, so good luck getting him.

  • Andrej Bogdanov
    Andrej Bogdanov27 днів тому

    His youth coach was Gerd Müller one of the best and most unorthodox scorers of all time. That explains quite well the special skills, Thomas has.

  • Herms Fresh
    Herms Fresh28 днів тому

    He was already 33 when he was 19

  • Shaila Jadhav
    Shaila Jadhav28 днів тому

    Boby firmino is somewhat similar

  • GeneralMerten
    GeneralMerten28 днів тому

    I was in Tokyo for 2 weeks and talked with young lads from japan and Thomas Müller was always the first name they droped when we talked about football/soccer after i said i come from germany. At least in japan he is not underrated xD

  • Barracuda
    Barracuda28 днів тому

    Jeder kennt doch bestimmt dieses Phänomen, wenn Anfänger in einem Videospiel manchmal ganz eklig sind gegen zu spielen, weil die sich einfach so bewegen, dass es für einen selbst keinen Sinn macht, da sie keine Ahnung vom Spiel haben. Müller hat dieses Phänomen einfach perfektioniert und mit überragender Technik kombiniert.

  • Tomislav Georgiev
    Tomislav Georgiev28 днів тому

    You mean why Thomas Muller is the most overrated player in the world. Next to Ramos an Pique.

  • Ajnas V P
    Ajnas V P28 днів тому

    Thomas muller is the bayern munich now the leader

  • Vipin V Lokesh
    Vipin V Lokesh28 днів тому

    "why is muller underrated" Because his remarkable feats are overshadowed by LewanGOALski

  • Javier Palma
    Javier Palma28 днів тому

    Der Raumkönig

  • JeffusBengus Stream Highlights
    JeffusBengus Stream Highlights29 днів тому

    Müller is behind Messi the most loyal player

  • X Germhauer
    X Germhauer29 днів тому

    Gary Lineker soll gesagt haben: Müller does what Müller´s do. Thomas Müller hat einmal auf die Frage eines Reporters, ob man gerade den besten Müller aller Zeiten sehe, geantwortet: Der beste Müller aller Zeiten war, ist und wird immer der Gerd (Müller) bleiben. Bescheidenheit und Respekt sind heute viel zu selten geworden.

  • charles lee
    charles lee29 днів тому

    Muller and Thiago at Liverpool would be a dream! Yummy!

  • Shahzad Alam
    Shahzad Alam29 днів тому

    The tag belong to CR7

  • Jonny Hendrix
    Jonny HendrixМісяць тому

    Stamina is tremendous nahh bro fifa says other wise 😞

  • Tombie Fan
    Tombie FanМісяць тому

    Thomas Müller bester Mann✌🏼🥵

  • अमेय तांबे
    अमेय तांबेМісяць тому

    The most deadly skill or talent of a footballer is "Footballing Intelligence" and "Team Play". Doing the right thing at the right time. Giving the right pass. Holding the ball when needed. Dribbling when necessary. Off the ball movement. And Selflessness. Examples - Raul Gonzalez, Thomas Muller, Paul Scholes, Rooney, Messi, Berbatov, Iniesta, Xavi, Xabi

  • nabin shrestha
    nabin shresthaМісяць тому

    Thomas muller one of the most effective player to play the game

  • Aowke
    AowkeМісяць тому

    Muller if you are reading this.. Believe you have the fans who see what other's don't that's.. Intelligence and class.. You are a top top tier Chad... You bring trophies to the club.. Smile to your team.. Joy to your fans.. You are that story that I will tell my grand children's yes over Messi and Ronaldo.. You are simply amazing.. No.. You are the RAUMDEUTER.

  • Yuuto NN
    Yuuto NNМісяць тому

    5:28 wtf is with that keeper XD some anger issues

  • ekapp
    ekappМісяць тому

    Thomas Muller the reason why i love football and Bayern Munchen ❤️🙏 best support forever 🔴⚪

  • Mohammad Azim
    Mohammad AzimМісяць тому

    Muller is a free lancer. He can do everything in the field.

  • SoldierGamer
    SoldierGamerМісяць тому

    Kovac basicly tryed to prepare bayern for future Becouse muller is not getting younger and while his game is still on high level it will not be forever If they kept coutinho and made him train with them to develop in bayern he would be good enough after muller leaves

  • Daryl Ang
    Daryl AngМісяць тому

    Not underrated to me. After Kane, he is my next choice for striker. On fifa 21 on Ps5. :))

  • Random boy
    Random boyМісяць тому

    He said Robbery to Ribery🤣🤣

  • tika
    tikaМісяць тому

    he's my favorite player. and he's back in the national team :)

  • meme meee
    meme meeeМісяць тому

    It's weird that this is an uncommon attribute in football, yet the "space interpreter" is so common in basketball. Constant off-ball movement, running to get that open three spot or layout, or spotting the open man, is common in good guards or active forwards. Doesn't take away from Muller's talent, for sure.

    𝐀𝐓𝐇𝐔𝐋Місяць тому


  • James Ebola
    James EbolaМісяць тому

    ...everyone on great team looks great.

  • Sebastian Rulo
    Sebastian RuloМісяць тому

    An exceptional player, undervalued, the way he moves, the goals he generates and the ones he hits are impressive, I would dare to say that he is one of the most effective in the world, a 100% winner has not been given recognition it deserves

  • Toothpick
    ToothpickМісяць тому

    Maybe the most deadliest player I've seen with an elite IQ .. if clutch was a person it would be Muller

  • Toothpick
    ToothpickМісяць тому

    It he was south American we'd hail him a top 10 all time

  • Bialy Kenijczyk
    Bialy KenijczykМісяць тому

    Even Lewandowski like to drink Mullermilch;)

  • Mr. Pancakes
    Mr. PancakesМісяць тому

    Hes born leader

  • Kaustubh Datta
    Kaustubh DattaМісяць тому

    Being a Dortmund fan I was shocked. Hummels Muller are two who really are needed. Muller definitely

  • Emerson Sortun
    Emerson SortunМісяць тому

    Germany need him to restore chemistry and grab scrappy goals in 2022

  • Abhishek Mishra
    Abhishek MishraМісяць тому

    My Idol for a reason ❤️

  • Sebastian Krohn
    Sebastian KrohnМісяць тому

    because Thomas Müller is the most unsympathetic Player ever

  • Meow Meow-Meow
    Meow Meow-MeowМісяць тому

    Definitely in my top 20

  • King Schulz
    King SchulzМісяць тому

    I dont even think he is underrated. He just never made a move away from Munich, it never even seemed quite possible. He is very loyal to his club and even tho I dont like the club really thats a rare.

  • Royden Gomes
    Royden GomesМісяць тому

    He might not be great in terms of dribbling but what makes Thomas Müller a threat to the opposition’s goal is his ability to not only read spaces but also the tempo of the game and create chances that seem astounding. Incredible player. He’d probably make a really great coach someday. 🙌🏻

  • Musashi Miyamoto
    Musashi MiyamotoМісяць тому

    Now 10 times Bundesliga Champion!

  • Rangaraj Vajapeyam
    Rangaraj VajapeyamМісяць тому

    For the period of 2010 to 2015 he was prolific scorer for both Germany (at least in the world cups) and Bayern Munich, considering 5+5 goals in 2010 and 2014 world cup there was every chance he would upstage his compatriots GERD Mueller and miroslav klose, but later somewhere after that period goal producing ability of Mueller slackened and you can call that period of "under rating of Mueller".