The Day Erling Haaland Scored 9 Goals in 1 Game


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  • pushin it
    pushin itГодину тому

    Lmao at Lopez😂😂😂

  • Gwapito
    Gwapito3 години тому

    Looks like Honduras players are intimidated by Norway. The defenders are so slow, lacks workrate.

  • S D
    S D4 години тому

    I feel one thing that is consistent with Erling is that he is not the an elegant football player. He plays football as if he had the spirits of Meta World Peace + Charles Barkley + Dennis Rodman melded together in him, with a bit of LeBron. Bulldoze the competition, and when they try to climb on him like little kids trying to stop a giant, he shake them off as if they were leaves that happened to fall on him and then he rams into the goal through all defenders as if a bull gunning for a red shirt... It is hilarious to watch but also perhaps is a look at football when larger more muscular players start showing up on the field regularly, just as it happened in Basketball in the later 90s into the musclebound LeBron era (ie Erling is definitely a LeBron character... hahahahaha)

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris4 години тому

    Did you win? Yes. Did you score? Yes. How many? 3. 3 goals?! Yes, 3 hattricks. Why? Why not? How do you feel? I feel old now and it is what it is. I should have scored 6 more but yea I am old now and yea I am 16 and cant even drop a 15 bomb in world cup so it is what it is and yea.

  • allwinjoy
    allwinjoy6 годин тому

    Is it only me who noticed the 2 cute girls? 🤔 6:47 anyway.. Thank me later 😂👍🏾

  • Zoltán József Molnár
    Zoltán József Molnár6 годин тому

    Could have been 12 14...:D

  • Ian Bartle
    Ian Bartle9 годин тому

    Not hard to do against a poor team the defending was shockingly bad.

  • Matthew Musgrave
    Matthew Musgrave12 годин тому

    Someone's using the FM Editor 🤔

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama14 годин тому

    I scored 8 goals in a game. Played to passes to my mates cause they started to complain

    ARMY BOY15 годин тому

    When your girlfriend comes to watch your game:

  • Spencer Gascoigne
    Spencer Gascoigne15 годин тому


  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama19 годин тому

    have mercy Erling, on your foes

  • ottarvendel
    ottarvendel23 години тому

    Nine scores in one match? Yesterday evening I scored twice in two attempts!

  • mfbastidas
    mfbastidas23 години тому

    I remember seeing this and not k ow who he was I was watching it with my dad

  • Josh Boersema
    Josh BoersemaДень тому

    Dude even his dad was like.... mercy rule mercy rule... these poor little Hondurans

  • Ryan Allan
    Ryan AllanДень тому

    Those Honduras players must have traumatic flashbacks whenever they hear 7 Nation Army.

  • HR - G

    HR - G

    5 годин тому

    only 1% of honduras population is black but almost all the players are black, they deserve it for not giving opportunity to the rest of the population, it is more possiblw you will find one world class player from 99% than finding one from just the 1%

  • Memento Mori
    Memento MoriДень тому

    When you play FIFA on amateur

  • kevon simpson
    kevon simpson2 дні тому

    Dream league 😂😂

  • Sammy S. Samson
    Sammy S. Samson2 дні тому

    Fact those players are not crying because of the lose but because they were beat by 12 goals to nil and a boy scoring 3 hattricks...

  • Sammy S. Samson
    Sammy S. Samson2 дні тому

    Ref denied Haaland a goal... Haaland: So you have chosen death...

    BIGBOY£2 дні тому

    No big deal, I do this on FIFA all the time

  • Green Garden
    Green Garden2 дні тому

    Viking bloods

  • Rabie Diab
    Rabie Diab2 дні тому

    Every time the commentator said haaland I kept think of Netherlands...

  • Leavethebuilding
    Leavethebuilding2 дні тому

    Opponent at 5:08 "How long will you keep humiliating us?" Haaland: "Just three more".

  • baz frearson
    baz frearson3 дні тому

    That’s why Man City are going to break the bank, probably pay a record fee, & he’ll go on to be City’s record goal scorer, premier league record goal scorer & an all time City legend. Wow!!! He’s killing it @ the mo, but the sheer volume of games in Premiership, Cups, CL, Internationals ect, the pace & physicality of the Premiership, makes it an interesting prospect. Some take time to settle, some don’t & vanish. Others kill it. Reckon he’ll be the latter, hope so! Wanna see him play next season. Or will Man U pay an insane record fee for him, when they bulked @ Sancho’s & bottled it? Do they even need Haaland? Not next season. City do. Wish Sheikh Mansours’billionaire brother, cousin or mother would buy Leeds Utd & build a top squad to compete & win. An Oligarch would do. If only. Another dream. Will Haaland suffer a momentary lapse of reason, see the light, run his contract out & sign for Leeds Utd on a free? Lol I can dream. Haaland playing under Bielsa tho! I can dream, wish, & hope, but not plait fog, unfortunately.

  • cardigan3000
    cardigan30003 дні тому

    wouldnt have happened if Roy Keane was playing

  • Mkz_Jyn
    Mkz_Jyn3 дні тому

    Yr 10s v year 7s

  • Brummagem
    Brummagem3 дні тому

    Honduras? Lool

  • Michel Lamberg
    Michel Lamberg3 дні тому

    s1mple ? is this how s1mple stays in shape? scoring some football goals then going back to csgo?

  • doula971
    doula9713 дні тому

    Haaland a sodomisé l'équipe adverse.dommage qu'il soit dans une équipe flingué aurait dû choisir l'Angleterre.

  • Pablo asdasdasdasdasasd
    Pablo asdasdasdasdasasd3 дні тому

    Pobres hondureños jajajaja

  • djr644
    djr6444 дні тому

    Honduras isn’t really the standard for football but still impressive I guess

  • Marko Stechert
    Marko Stechert4 дні тому

    Does someone know, when this match happened???

  • Drewcorleone
    Drewcorleone4 дні тому

    Goal keeper was sbit tbf

  • Nicco Boss
    Nicco Boss4 дні тому

    Honduras basically a high school team😂 this match shouldn't have happened.

  • dTxiC_o
    dTxiC_o4 дні тому

    Contra Uruguay no hizo nada jajaja

  • prod.faithChi
    prod.faithChi4 дні тому

    this is how i used to use one player on the fifa demo as a kid

  • Cabrini playz
    Cabrini playz5 днів тому

    -That was a great game for your country/team Erling: what team?

  • Andres Gallegos
    Andres Gallegos5 днів тому

    To easy no disrespect but Honduras is one of the most horrible national teams in the world

  • Dj-Inferno
    Dj-Inferno5 днів тому

    Break records while breaking hearts

  • Ian Fraser
    Ian Fraser5 днів тому

    He doesn't look very inteligent

  • Probuilder
    Probuilder5 днів тому

    he could have had 14 or 15.

  • Jorge Enrique Cardenas Avila
    Jorge Enrique Cardenas Avila5 днів тому

    Honduras XD

    THE CAKE MAN5 днів тому

    পুলাপান বেশি ভাব লয়

  • Conroy Banks
    Conroy Banks5 днів тому

    Ten years from now if your still reading this your a Legend

  • Cristóbal
    Cristóbal6 днів тому

    How many times did you score? Erling: yes

  • Remero Russ
    Remero Russ6 днів тому

    Poor Honduras

  • michael Fearnot
    michael Fearnot6 днів тому

    I only see this in video games ...😇

  • Ravenclaw AA
    Ravenclaw AA6 днів тому

    I feel bad for the goalkeeper

  • Marc - Oh !
    Marc - Oh !6 днів тому

    Halaand made Honduras cry .. This had Germany vs brazil vibes except one player did the whole thing lol

  • KingslayerSrb
    KingslayerSrb6 днів тому

    So what you are saying is that Haaland scoring 78 goals in a season on my Dortmund FM21 save is not unrealistic

  • LNDN1905
    LNDN19056 днів тому

    What is this, pro clubs football banging in goals for fun 😂 man got the golden boot award in one game 😂 feel sorry for the other team and especially their keeper, poor guys career ended before it even started. Haaland have Mercy dude and welcome to Chelsea!

  • Bone Collector
    Bone Collector6 днів тому

    He looks like Brock Lesnar when he was young ...

  • CaptainMarci104
    CaptainMarci1046 днів тому

    Why are the hondurans crying? I mean they are honduras, what did they expect? To not lose against any european nation except for andorra, luxemburg or liechtenstein? 😂

  • Swapnil Netam
    Swapnil Netam6 днів тому

    The video should be titled..the day when erling haaland lost his mind

  • joseph woodroffe
    joseph woodroffe6 днів тому

    my man is playing fifa career mode on beginner

  • Superhero ORH
    Superhero ORH6 днів тому

    Fair play to that player that tried to save haalands 6th when they are 6-0 down

  • Superhero ORH
    Superhero ORH6 днів тому

    Oh gosh he would’ve got bored of that seven nation army song

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius6 днів тому

    He literally made em cry, what an absolute chad.

  • Evan Rinkevich
    Evan Rinkevich7 днів тому

    I mean it would be more impressive if it were England or Spain. this is like MJ dunking on a make a wish kid

  • Vessel
    Vessel7 днів тому

    Next ronaldo

  • Owen Cahill
    Owen Cahill7 днів тому

    Anyone else just feel genuinely bad for the other team's players.

  • Riccardo Gagliano
    Riccardo Gagliano7 днів тому

    People who say no one will compare to messi and ronaldo : 😳🤐

  • will broom
    will broom7 днів тому

    Why, cos fuck em, that's why

  • B H
    B H7 днів тому

    Felt for the Honduras players at the end..

  • Soo
    Soo7 днів тому

    He honestly coulda had 12 good lord

  • T SB
    T SB7 днів тому

    IN - Sancho £80M - Håland £150M - Mings £20M OUT - De Gea £25M - Martial £30M - Bailly £15M Net spend of £185M for Man Utd this summer (less than PSG paid for Neymar alone). First 11. Henderson wan Bissaka | Maguire | Mings | Shaw Bruno | McTominay | Pogba Sancho | Haaland | Rashford Bench. Romero | Tuanzebe | Telles | Fred | Lingard | Greenwood | Cavani Reserves. Grant | Williams | Lindelof | Garner | van de Beek | Diallo | James Good luck everybody else.

  • kenodogg
    kenodogg7 днів тому

    I guess he's on goal 9 I mean cloud 9...

  • Mario Machado
    Mario Machado8 днів тому

    thats a mismatch

  • AwKwARd_GaMeZz
    AwKwARd_GaMeZz8 днів тому

    Tbh the goal keeper put in 0 effort

  • Dan De Lion
    Dan De Lion8 днів тому

    1 word; REKKED!

  • Worm
    Worm8 днів тому


  • Calvin Coolidge
    Calvin Coolidge8 днів тому

    Match fixing.

  • dario demiri
    dario demiri8 днів тому

    man thinks hes in dream league lol

  • Luke Magee
    Luke Magee8 днів тому

    I don't think I've ever seen worse goalkeeping in my life.

  • Leofardo DiTrapio
    Leofardo DiTrapio8 днів тому

    Seven nation army royalties that day *stonks*

  • #for the Throne
    #for the Throne8 днів тому

    No need for him!

  • leto weaver
    leto weaver8 днів тому Check out what Neymar did

  • Liofa
    Liofa8 днів тому

    To be fair, they were playing Hondurus...

  • Romeo Odyzeus Bunga
    Romeo Odyzeus Bunga8 днів тому

    Second goal must to be offside

  • Lijun Cai
    Lijun Cai8 днів тому

    i feel VERY GOOD

  • Homicide
    Homicide8 днів тому

    Should be 10

  • Luigi Pellegrini
    Luigi Pellegrini8 днів тому

    If Chelsea get him for next season imagine how scared the epl teams will be 😂

  • Dean Kirby
    Dean Kirby8 днів тому

    quality player but against a very poor keeper

  • Luigi Pellegrini
    Luigi Pellegrini8 днів тому

    Looks like Jesper Gronjaer! such similarities.

  • Vaibhav Katariya
    Vaibhav Katariya8 днів тому

    The 1st goal actually looks like an offside

  • Jazzy J
    Jazzy J8 днів тому

    Messi and ronaldo can also do that... But they respect opponents or a country. This kid and his country team did a remarkable job but in football or any sport we need sportsmanship. No matter wat this kid does he lack sportsmanship and won't go far until he change and respect football as a sport!

  • xerse29
    xerse298 днів тому

    When the world saw a glimpse of what is to come from this brilliant player

  • Ben Quirk
    Ben Quirk9 днів тому

    Haha commentators going on like norway are a belter team ehrn the opposing team is fucking diabolical

  • Nicholas Stewart
    Nicholas Stewart9 днів тому

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  • David Lowing

    David Lowing

    День тому

    But what did you think of Haalands goals, crypto-currency twats?

  • Emir


    3 дні тому

    Wow a new way of advertising look at thewse commentss ahahah

  • Mister Bombastic

    Mister Bombastic

    8 днів тому

    @Anthony Nathan I knew a certain Bruce Wayne. He was a billionaire before crypto was happening. Go to Alfred Pennyworth. It's his last name that does the trick!

  • Mary


    9 днів тому

    Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.

  • Cameron Blake

    Cameron Blake

    9 днів тому

    Thanks for the info!!

  • wreagfe
    wreagfe9 днів тому

    On the bright side: Honduras would still win with large numbers from any international women's team.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty9 днів тому

    The reaction of his parents were priceless.

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith9 днів тому

    2:43 - he has no beard!

  • Miff
    Miff9 днів тому

    Amateur difficulty on become a legend.

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole9 днів тому

    First one was offside?

  • Tomas Emiliano Benitez
    Tomas Emiliano Benitez9 днів тому


  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    9 днів тому

    Didn't score in any of Norway's other games at this tournament, still won the golden boot 😂

  • Oli DB
    Oli DB9 днів тому

    I remember hearing about this at the time, look at the player he is now 👀🐐

  • Tiptraptræsko Skotøj
    Tiptraptræsko Skotøj9 днів тому

    Its Honduras..doesnt really count

  • CTRLolof #420
    CTRLolof #4209 днів тому

    Holland the biggest selfish in entire world, hate him so much for thinking he is better human them others .. Good player yes, shit human yes to.

  • Nick Eerhard
    Nick Eerhard9 днів тому

    Who’s here after Haaland winning the ballon dor?