This is why Barcelona wants Erling Haaland


Every team wants wonderkid Erling Haaland. Why? He is one of the most complete strikers in modern football for the moment. He is big, fast and has a good technique too. His agent said he's likely going to Spain, where FC Barcelona and Real Madrid really want him! Where will he go at the end of the season?
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  • Wouva
    WouvaМісяць тому

    Is Erling Haaland the striker Barcelona needs? Will he sign for Barcelona? What are your thoughts about this Wonderkid?

  • Mamo Rot

    Mamo Rot

    13 днів тому

    All team WHANT haaland, haaland have a contract with Bvb,and haalan is not to sell and Barcelona don't have money

  • Noah.


    13 днів тому

    They need him, but can’t afford him.

  • Prank korte dichena bal Besh chalak teacher

    Prank korte dichena bal Besh chalak teacher

    18 днів тому

    We dont want him to be like coutinho at barca.

  • Mamo Rot

    Mamo Rot

    19 днів тому

    What?Barcellona dont have money ,800 milion euro minus etc.........real M. is in red To!Barcellona have one of the best scholl football in the world! inesta xavy etc.... etc.......and by haaland? why now?? BVB by haaland and now all team whant haaland???this is not football this is shit very shit !First bacellona go back the money and barcellona are in green ok ,but ar ein red dont haqve money,and illegal action for messi????Barcellona say 30 mil but are much millions?????this is ok?this shit ruins the football to day !the law is for ervry teammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMan city psg bercellona real madrid for this team the law is shit !is fifa or real football?stop this illegal corrupt action! Barcellona dont have money for haaland ! real madrid to !sSTOP TO GIVE TO MUCH MONEY TO PLAYERS AND TO MUCH TO BY THE PLAYER ,FCB _lewandosky for free etc.......the big money for one player is martinez 40 millions ,Barcellona make self this shit and now pay ,law is law and stopppppppppppppppppppppppp GOT MONEY FOR THE SPANISH BANK OR FOR TAX PAYER ,barcellona real madrid are only football club ,Privat football club is not national team !the player to day ,only for shit PSG give to much million to player 100 million 200 million etc.......this is not football !stop give to much money !Fifa must go and make streng law for this ,50 60 or 70 mx for one player etc.....and not 10 million mx a years ! The football player for to day PLAY ONLY FOR MONEY NOT FOR THE GLORY ,THE NEW HAAR CUT ETC..... TO MUCH SHIT ,dembele????Coutigno 110 million from leeverpoll real?go to FCB and play shit and return to bercellona !Messi ruins Barcellona ervry 6 mont whant money money money !for real???????? How many fans ist from spain in this chat????or catalonia fans? born in spain and life in spain????how many person go evry play the to see Barcellona?????how many looser see on in tv and in another country????and this shit are fans ,for real?,My english is bad sorry i dont have english in my school qadn i am to ald now !But the kid for my kid have english in the school!

  • Potato King

    Potato King

    27 днів тому

    Nah he will be joining Real Madrid

  • Daniel Key
    Daniel Key7 годин тому

    "This is why EVERY TEAM IN THE WORLD wants Erling Haaland"

  • Gear
    Gear12 годин тому

    borussia dortmund is so good at finding talented players and build them up

  • Xxkate xx
    Xxkate xx2 дні тому

    Haaland e fotbalistu next generation dacă la 20 de ani face asta apoi la 24,25,26,etc..

  • Xxkate xx
    Xxkate xx2 дні тому

    Un tânăr fotbalist de 20 de ani face cât toți acest puști le dă clasă.

  • zanotti mellie
    zanotti mellie2 дні тому

    quá hay cho tai năng trẻ mới

  • Annu Nakian
    Annu Nakian4 дні тому

    Gareth Bale on steroids.

  • Xxkate xx
    Xxkate xx4 дні тому

    Haaland mai trebuie să joace în bundesliga să le arate lui Bayern München cine e șefu și apoi să plece liniștit spre Barcelona lângă Leo Messi și să-i devasteze pe toți în la liga apoi în liga campionilor 😉💪🏆

  • Mysticbuu16
    Mysticbuu164 дні тому

    Nah we want them as a Madrid. Barca is fro cry babies

  • Xza Azx
    Xza Azx6 днів тому

    No, actually this is why everyone wants Haaland.

  • bluewave renovations ltd purton
    bluewave renovations ltd purton9 днів тому

    And he wants to play for Leeds United, his favourite club.

  • Peer M
    Peer M11 днів тому

    Everyone: Slow down we are leading. Save your energy for... Haaland: RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

  • Michael Leppan
    Michael Leppan13 днів тому

    He has a good team as well that helps set him up.

  • martin cottington
    martin cottington13 днів тому

    Its not only barca that wants him...

  • hyfo o
    hyfo o14 днів тому


  • MaskinistN
    MaskinistN14 днів тому

    Haaland plays like you play your character on career mode in fifa

  • Austin Teagan
    Austin Teagan14 днів тому

    who doesnt?

  • Lukas Lyngås
    Lukas Lyngås14 днів тому

    Short version: HE IS GOOD

  • TheOnlyEn
    TheOnlyEn14 днів тому

    He is great, BUT he NEEDS to put his chances. He misses a lot of sitters. He needs to be more clinical

  • Lucy Fair
    Lucy Fair15 днів тому

    M'Bappe is 2 times better .

  • Nelson Mayo
    Nelson Mayo16 днів тому

    This is a future replacement of messi

  • TheSuperQueen
    TheSuperQueen16 днів тому

    This is why Barcalona can't afford Erling Haaland*

  • C'zarro Faiq Wcksn
    C'zarro Faiq Wcksn16 днів тому

    Haaland is good but he's got the biggest weak is His Dribbling is not good

  • C'zarro Faiq Wcksn
    C'zarro Faiq Wcksn16 днів тому

    I Think Haaland better Move to Madrid cause Kroos can make Haaland score many goals

  • Laskiboy Swer
    Laskiboy Swer16 днів тому

    Hallan is tall and lucky his level to Lukaku Muller levondoski

  • OliverNOR
    OliverNOR17 днів тому

    A really well-done compilation with great snips of commentary and soundtrack

  • PES EF
    PES EF17 днів тому

    Man Oh Man After Messi & Ronaldo we have got a New Superstar

  • morten kristoffersen
    morten kristoffersen18 днів тому

    Hopr never go tp Batcelona, lr Real Madrid, stay in your club or go to a Pl club, but not Man C, Arsenal, or Chelsea. Clubs with much mony, but no heart for the game, and dpsent have any honest players. Just look at them on the pitch, they will fall, like they are going to die. Players from this teams should be denied the rigt to play proffesional football in PL.

  • Thomas Stathakos
    Thomas Stathakos18 днів тому

    U mean: Why all the teams want Erling Haaland...

  • Stiwa Müller
    Stiwa Müller19 днів тому

    First eliminate your financial debts before you think about 150 million for Haaland. He also has a contract in Dortmund. So show a little respect! But yes, Haaland is the striker of the future. He can help any club, including Barca.

  • Navheen SM
    Navheen SM19 днів тому

    Too bad they got no money to do anything now

  • Roury 69
    Roury 6921 день тому

    We just need a finisher😂

  • Maximus Murphius
    Maximus Murphius21 день тому

    By the way Erling in his language means essentially Prince how many of you muppets knew that ?

  • Leo D

    Leo D

    19 днів тому

    @Maximus Murphius This is from wiki , translate this from norwegian to english ;) : Fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopedi Erling Betydning: trolig «jarlesønn» eller «jarleætling» Mye brukt i: Norge Norge Jentenavn: Erla, Erle Andre former: Elling, Erlung Muppet!

  • Maximus Murphius

    Maximus Murphius

    19 днів тому

    @Leo D not according to wiki ... muppet

  • Leo D

    Leo D

    19 днів тому

    Prince? The male name Erling is of Norse origin, and means earl's son or earl's descendant. The Norse form of the name was ErlingR..... muppet :)

  • Maximus Murphius
    Maximus Murphius21 день тому

    Hype will win for some but he's not all that ...I think its because there's not much excitement in the game and anyone will; do ..Maradona still not replaced.

  • carington rainford
    carington rainford21 день тому

    It would be Good if he got in Barca but then one of the chair man be like he was rude and didn’t show no respect

  • Imtiba Jamir
    Imtiba Jamir22 дні тому

    No...that won't work ..Real Madrid needs him..

  • krisgrafili
    krisgrafili23 дні тому

    Who would he replace if he went to Barca?

  • ThatBoiNamu
    ThatBoiNamu23 дні тому

    Please don't let this happen....

  • CruzGamma
    CruzGamma24 дні тому

    They won’t get him though

  • retro meme
    retro meme24 дні тому

    Barcelona needs player like Braithwaite

  • Nicolas Perdomo
    Nicolas Perdomo25 днів тому

    I didn’t even watch the video .... simple because he can score

  • xd lit
    xd lit26 днів тому

    He simply added the technique of the Americans to his football game. In America, they use this run and gun technique and brute force to play soccer.

  • Jukka Mielikäinen
    Jukka Mielikäinen26 днів тому

    If barca will get him, and Real madrid will get Mbappe, it will just be Messi & Ronaldo all over again

  • Antonis Spyropoulos
    Antonis Spyropoulos27 днів тому

    The only video where the generic compilation music is acceptable :)

  • GuTan selfie
    GuTan selfie27 днів тому

    But I think haland don’t want Barca

  • Travis Chaatha
    Travis Chaatha28 днів тому

    Barca dont need halland barca have the best player in the world

  • the Dean
    the Dean28 днів тому

    watched him play against city was he on the pitch

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius29 днів тому

    His slimy agent is gonna make him toxic on the market with his outlandish wage demands. Too bad, as he seems a nice kid, but he got into bed with a snake.

  • Martin Mickels
    Martin MickelsМісяць тому

    Where's the audio from?

  • Mr San
    Mr SanМісяць тому

    He's a real life version of the player we create in PES, weird face, amazingly tall, all 99 stats

  • Imran Harith

    Imran Harith

    17 днів тому

    Aahahahaha. True af

  • H Pradip

    H Pradip

    19 днів тому


  • ANKM


    20 днів тому

    trueee lol

  • Ziggy
    ZiggyМісяць тому

    He looks like he's constantly stumbling for some reason

  • Benjamin R
    Benjamin RМісяць тому

    i did not subscribe

  • don juco
    don jucoМісяць тому

    hell no!! la liga is such a boring league. He should go to the premier! and he knows it.

  • Minimalist SG
    Minimalist SGМісяць тому

    Imagine Liverpool has Haaland and Mbappe as their main strikers up front.

  • Syed Habib
    Syed HabibМісяць тому

    No only zlatan, barca did same to Ronaldo the phenomenon

  • Carlos Godoy
    Carlos GodoyМісяць тому

    We need him at Barcelona. Messi needs somebody that finishes his fantastics assists. Sadly Barcelona doesn't have the money and I don't think he's going to wait another season at Dortmund:/

  • Alexx
    AlexxМісяць тому

    Honestly I dont think Barcelona can sign him as the owe around 1000 million euros

  • Pink Panter
    Pink PanterМісяць тому

    He can't, Even a small village club has more money than Barcelona

  • Chandra Thoudam
    Chandra ThoudamМісяць тому

    Barca needs Haaland asap. If barca fails to sign haaland then Barca will be under the shadow of Real Madrid along side Mbappe. New generation of El Classico begins here. RM+Mbappe Vs Barca+Haaland Biggest match of the World.

  • nevermind 112
    nevermind 112Місяць тому

    This guy is in his peak

  • Sandro Casabona
    Sandro CasabonaМісяць тому

    Barça its Barça. Its early

  • Sandro Casabona
    Sandro CasabonaМісяць тому

    It is Barça

  • Sandro Casabona
    Sandro CasabonaМісяць тому

    Ha nacido para el Barça

  • Nicolás Chiriboga
    Nicolás ChiribogaМісяць тому

    He don't wanna play in barcelona, Barcelona doesn't have money, don't do ilusions he'll never play in this joke of club

  • SirChanceALot
    SirChanceALotМісяць тому

    Have we found someone to replace Zlatan.....😂🙏🏾👍🏾

  • Bourgeois GR
    Bourgeois GRМісяць тому

    10 FPS - impressive

  • Ethan Sinclair
    Ethan SinclairМісяць тому

    come on Haaland, come to Barca

  • s baxter
    s baxterМісяць тому


  • JustGamerz
    JustGamerzМісяць тому

    But I mean like the German league has barely any competition so

  • R Dk
    R DkМісяць тому

    Name of the song????

  • I'm Bombom
    I'm BombomМісяць тому


  • Bunduki man19
    Bunduki man19Місяць тому

    This guy means just a goal

  • Dulliesa
    DulliesaМісяць тому

    Bad editing. You are cutting out the runs. Continue the run don't cut to another run. It's jarring and unprofessional. Even if he doesn't score. Don't cut and jump

  • Xuan Nguyen Tan
    Xuan Nguyen TanМісяць тому

    Haalanf better C7

  • Akhil Kamra
    Akhil KamraМісяць тому

    Maybe unpopular opinion: Haaland plays like a combination of Messi and Ronaldo

  • Anthony O farrell
    Anthony O farrellМісяць тому

    He had no impact against man City last night

  • ExposeTT


    Місяць тому

    agree . still ....he has grown 15 steps above his teamamates . even his national team. he need quality around him . and he wont find it for norway.. or dortumund.

  • Λ ғ ғ є ҡ s
    Λ ғ ғ є ҡ sМісяць тому

    The scaries thing about Haaland is how consistently he just gets better. When bvb played mci yesterday his passing and involvement in general was sharper than before the international break.

  • Alexi AKS1

    Alexi AKS1

    Місяць тому

    He upgraded

  • jemo robert
    jemo robertМісяць тому

    He need to be in the teams such as rb Leipzig, Atalanta, totte and atletco Madrid to explore his talent better..

  • ɪxɪᴏ 77 ғғꪜ
    ɪxɪᴏ 77 ғғꪜМісяць тому

    Haaland kicks:haaland touch the ball i break your hand goalkeeper:am good

  • Daniel
    DanielМісяць тому


  • EastClintwood
    EastClintwoodМісяць тому

    I’m 40 this year and after spending all my life as a football obsessive I’ve lost a lot of love for the game in recent years. I now rarely watch matches. This guy though. Bloody hell. You never get tired of watching once in a generation talents like this. I thought Mbappe would be the best player over the next ten years but a rival has appeared already. What a monster. He’s like a stronger, quicker version of Van Basten who’s taken a line of Charlie

  • Ras al Hanout
    Ras al HanoutМісяць тому

    Perfect fit for MCFC. Perfect.

  • aakkoodd
    aakkooddМісяць тому


  • Saumitra Pathak
    Saumitra PathakМісяць тому

    Barca ain't getting him tho

  • tuan ma
    tuan maМісяць тому

    Haaland dynasty

  • Winfried Rhodes
    Winfried RhodesМісяць тому


  • Brian Kin
    Brian KinМісяць тому

    Barcelona always overpays for " top" players.Eg.Coutinho.Dembele .Greazemen to name a few

  • Future Rider
    Future RiderМісяць тому

    Oh go away this is going to go on all summer, he can only choose one team, it going to be boring speculation all summer he probably knows who he wants to play for so it’s pointless, for me he’ll go to Manchester City with Aguero leaving, that’s it done and dusted!

  • Liang Longcheng
    Liang LongchengМісяць тому

    Coutinho, Dembele, Grizeman This's why Barcelona wasting money and now Haaland loading😂😂😂

  • Igor Bar
    Igor BarМісяць тому


  • Action Jackson
    Action JacksonМісяць тому

    Now moukoko has to mature quickly

  • Davide Lucidi
    Davide LucidiМісяць тому

    It seems his agent pretends a commission of 70 milion euro....for what?

  • Parag Burman
    Parag BurmanМісяць тому

    He will overshadow Messi if he joins Barça.

  • Parag Burman

    Parag Burman

    Місяць тому

    @Kenneth true to some extent... But Messi is intelligent... He has so easily got into the role of a playmaker... So he won't be phased out.... Can u believe it... He has the 2nd highest Assists this season... And had the highest assists last season too... That too with an all time LALIGA record.... On top of that he was the highest goal scorer last season and leads this season too.... That too when fcb is not doing well with all the on and off field controversies. Bow down to the greatest man! 💖

  • Kenneth


    Місяць тому

    Messi is getting old, now the same thing will happen to him as happened to Ronaldinho. Phased out.. If Barca gets Haaland then Messi is gone within a year.

  • Parag Burman
    Parag BurmanМісяць тому

    Next 🐐?

  • Muhammad yahaya
    Muhammad yahayaМісяць тому

    How do you verified past

  • eminex _jr
    eminex _jrМісяць тому

    this dude just put a whole espn fc commentary and played highlights I can literally find anywhere.

  • MaskinistN


    14 днів тому

    Go look for every each highlight and watch them and come back and tell me how much time it took.

  • Yahya Saeed
    Yahya SaeedМісяць тому

    So halland and nymar to barca Mbapy to Real Madrid And rashford to briton 🧐

  • Bane Zahirovich
    Bane ZahirovichМісяць тому

    Barcelona cant afford Haaland and thats obvious to everyone, even to Barça fans. They have 1 billion $ debt and its a question can they even survive not to sell players from first squad for the next season.

  • Lifestyle Gd
    Lifestyle GdМісяць тому

    Would struggle to get in to Barcelona’s starting 11 in my opinion, give him 5 years

  • Punt van de Komma

    Punt van de Komma

    Місяць тому

    sometimes it is better to not share your opinion...unless you wanted to look dumb

  • Eu Cumine
    Eu CumineМісяць тому

    HE will play for Real Madrid with Mbappe! ✌