10 Memorable UFC Debuts

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  • Adam Tanksley
    Adam TanksleyГодину тому

    where's the wonder boy knockout? smh

  • MrAxeman293
    MrAxeman293Годину тому

    Griffen VRS Boner was epic

  • MrAxeman293
    MrAxeman293Годину тому

    McGregor looks like he decided to try and cut his own hair and seriously failed

  • r8m8s8
    r8m8s8Годину тому

    Why did we have to hear Conors annoying voice only and no others, that’s not fair on the others

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton2 години тому

    Where the fuck is CM Punk?

  • Qais Fahmawi
    Qais Fahmawi2 години тому

    I hate how Michael Johnson give u a decent show at the beginning of the fight , and end up losing with a shitty record

  • Afgan Humanist
    Afgan Humanist3 години тому

    Jiri prochazka is also awesome debut

  • Jake Appleton
    Jake Appleton7 годин тому

    Not a man born his mother could take Connor's left clean. Brimage welcomed those uppercuts after feeling it.

  • Moses Parada
    Moses Parada7 годин тому

    Man hooker f'd up letting Chandler be the aggressor cost him the fight

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo11 годин тому

    i just noticed he knocked out the guu who gave Dustin one of he craxiests fights ever

  • gaurav bose
    gaurav bose13 годин тому

    The maddening garage transmurally argue because millisecond similarly realise atop a combative humor. abhorrent, stimulating cat

  • Gerardo M. Requejo Y.
    Gerardo M. Requejo Y.13 годин тому

    Y dónde está CM Punk? 🤔

  • Squelch
    Squelch14 годин тому

    Best finish ive ever seen was nick diaz vs Gomi in pride ! Best submission n e ways ..

  • Moses Parada

    Moses Parada

    5 годин тому

    Checkd it out, u have a strong case my dude!.. sick fight!!.. the only time I seen Nick rocked was against daly. Honestly I woulda went thru life NOT knowing that this fight ever happened, U unknowingly improved my life substantially!!. Good shit bro!

  • Moses Parada

    Moses Parada

    6 годин тому

    @Squelch good shit, I will!!

  • Squelch


    6 годин тому

    @Moses Parada lmao go check out that fight !

  • Moses Parada

    Moses Parada

    7 годин тому

    Dam bro u deep wit it!!.. I like ur style, u been down since birth!!!!

  • Squelch
    Squelch14 годин тому

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 josh koshcheck celebrating chris leben getting KOd !! That was funny i almost missed it 2 !

  • Shroom Grizzley
    Shroom Grizzley14 годин тому

    gaechje vs chandler nowww

  • Commercial Drones Dispatch
    Commercial Drones Dispatch15 годин тому

    chandler vs Justin - American fireworks at it's finest.

  • Santiago Dunbar
    Santiago Dunbar20 годин тому

    Griffin vs Bonnar 🐐

  • Cameron Cox
    Cameron Cox22 години тому

    Never knew mcgregors strike heavy skillset would be his downfall 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Moses Parada

    Moses Parada

    7 годин тому

    Dude had some missiles, but the sport evolved to something they call headmovement

  • LuckyPyjamasTV
    LuckyPyjamasTV22 години тому

    Why the hell Jiri Prochazka is not there as well?

  • Gorilla
    Gorilla23 години тому

    Wheres Brock Lesnar's debut? I remember that Dana got a stress induced stroke from the referee fucking up in that fight cause he thought Brock was hitting Frank mir on the back of the head.

  • A Sword of Truth
    A Sword of Truth23 години тому

    great clip!

  • frijolp23
    frijolp23День тому

    You should do legends last fight

  • rejjie_theking
    rejjie_thekingДень тому

    Chandler was definitely my favorite debut.

  • Mr.Fbody91
    Mr.Fbody91День тому

    Seeing Conor happy then to now is sad in all honesty.

  • Dylan Medd
    Dylan MeddДень тому

    How dare they not say Stephen Bonnars name

  • Weird Sock
    Weird SockДень тому

    Imagine the frustration of rocking a dude 3 times and not be able to finish the fight (and then go on to get tko'ed yourself).

  • Beach Monkey
    Beach MonkeyДень тому

    Crazy how almost everyone on this list was or is a current champ

  • MIKE Ekim
    MIKE Ekim2 дні тому

    Conor was so good and now he is a clown

  • jared glinka
    jared glinka2 дні тому

    The lumpy processing noteworthily multiply because milkshake partly knock regarding a crazy catamaran. wide, spiffy nation

  • Hudzaifah Ibnu Yaman
    Hudzaifah Ibnu Yaman2 дні тому

    1:28 still have no idea where the white top women goes

  • MonkeyDLuffy
    MonkeyDLuffy2 дні тому

    Is it just me or does JDS's little walk around the ring (9:22)need the Flintstones fap sound effect added to it? It just looked so weird to me lol

  • sean pick
    sean pick3 дні тому

    Nobody compares to Anderson "the Spider" Silva's debute! He was spectacular in his prime!!!

  • Pubest R.
    Pubest R.4 дні тому

    5:41 Dayyy Naaa

  • Pubest R.
    Pubest R.4 дні тому

    Duck lip "Chicken Dance" Gaethje

  • 이현진
    이현진4 дні тому

    TKZ!!!! fire

  • JJ
    JJ4 дні тому

    Surprised Robbie Lawler, Rampage or Nick Diaz isn't here, check them all out.

  • Elysian Tattoo Travel
    Elysian Tattoo Travel4 дні тому

    1:28 where the hell did that woman go on the right😂😂😂😂

  • Dale Knight
    Dale Knight4 дні тому

    Somebody has got to add Kris Moutinho to this list!

  • Long legged Larry
    Long legged Larry4 дні тому

    Every time I see koscheck.. I throw up a little in my mouth

  • Long legged Larry
    Long legged Larry4 дні тому

    Johnson was one of the best I’ve seen in the octagon… BUT he’s also one of the worst lol

  • Jackie Chiles
    Jackie Chiles5 днів тому

    I really do miss the old Conor McGregor who had barely any tattoos and who was actually good at fighting.

  • bank80
    bank805 днів тому

    Every time someone does a back flip they say "stuck the landing", but neither stuck the landing.

  • Joseph Phelps
    Joseph Phelps5 днів тому

    Big john was gonna let justin die if needed

  • Bart Sertucha
    Bart Sertucha5 днів тому

    Tank Abbott had a better debut than anyone ever.

  • David
    David6 днів тому

    The first guy actually got his name tattooed on him…… wow

  • Denver M
    Denver M6 днів тому

    If you ask me, Forrest and Stephan created one of if not the best "mma" matches I've seen to date and we've seen some impressive shit since.

  • J.A.M
    J.A.M6 днів тому

    LoL... I love how Justin couldn’t even climb the cage at first, literally fell off ! 🤣 ... but still went and did his backflip he loves so much. 👏👏

  • numba1stunna8813
    numba1stunna88136 днів тому

    Dana White Privilege'

  • Hidden - Knight
    Hidden - Knight6 днів тому

    What about jiri prohazca vs volkan oezdemir, jiri debut was sensational

  • Gary J
    Gary J7 днів тому

    8:37 no one mentions how beautiful this feint takedown gets him to sprawl and lose the fight. Clean work by Joe.

  • Trevor Thomas
    Trevor Thomas7 днів тому

    1:29 Watch pearl she fell

  • Dan O
    Dan O7 днів тому

    Joe Lauzon looks like a serial killer but is the nicest guy ever

  • Aaadd Kali
    Aaadd Kali7 днів тому

    The hesitant saxophone bodily attend because ton summatively desert in a harsh tenor. truculent, delicate japan

  • Brewster Kyoto
    Brewster Kyoto7 днів тому

    Justin would have lost his debut match if herb deen was the referee

  • Mike Da Man
    Mike Da Man7 днів тому

    Best video compilation I have seen Zuffa ever produce! Bravo 🎉

  • Mortis
    Mortis8 днів тому

    Koscheck laughing at Leben getting hL reeled by Silva 😆

  • Evan Kees
    Evan Kees8 днів тому

    It's so crazy to see how dated ufc season one fight looks and I watched that live. Insane

  • Strong Minds Discuss Ideas
    Strong Minds Discuss Ideas8 днів тому

    Gaethje prefers death over sleep

  • Mang Jamet
    Mang Jamet8 днів тому

    Where Khabib And Dustin???🤔 ( McGregor always Show In Top 10 list!)

  • Troy Miller
    Troy Miller8 днів тому

    Gaethje's was the best. Was on the edge of my seat watching that.

  • Cinta J J
    Cinta J J8 днів тому

    Thanks for the upload 🥊

  • Rashmika Sahan
    Rashmika Sahan9 днів тому

    1:18 OMG Jingle Bells

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan9 днів тому

    Where is khabibs debue fight

  • Trace Alyea
    Trace Alyea9 днів тому

    Okay. Question: How did Michael Chandler make his debut in January of 2021 if his record is 22-6-0? Am I dumbass or something or is the date wrong? Please someone let me know

  • Trace Alyea

    Trace Alyea

    8 днів тому

    @Keanu oh shit. You learn something new everyday. Thanks brother.

  • Keanu


    8 днів тому

    @Trace Alyea all fighters records include fights outside of the ufc, your record can change as long as your fighting under sanctioned mma rules.

  • Trace Alyea

    Trace Alyea

    8 днів тому

    @Keanu yeah but I looked it up and it said his UFC record is 22-6-0 not his entire mma record.

  • Keanu


    8 днів тому

    he fought outside of the ufc

  • Mechelle Flores
    Mechelle Flores10 днів тому


  • khaleb mackey
    khaleb mackey11 днів тому

    The gainful passbook only type because tailor clearly surprise like a chunky quiet. spectacular, learned trade

  • Lazy Llama
    Lazy Llama11 днів тому

    Can't wait to see that Kris guys debut in the future.

  • Abdul Raqeeb
    Abdul Raqeeb11 днів тому

    Gaethje was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥..

  • Jake Shaw
    Jake Shaw12 днів тому

    Should've mentioned Stephen Bonnar as well when bringing up Forrest Griffin. Both of those dudes left everything in the octagon in the fight that probably saved the sport.

  • AK-04. Ahmet Kuanyshev
    AK-04. Ahmet Kuanyshev12 днів тому

    Where are Alistair Overeem

  • Shubham Bhandari
    Shubham Bhandari12 днів тому

    When conor thought 60 g was a lot f money 😂

  • Clipse D
    Clipse D12 днів тому

    1:25 i never noticed that large woman who collapsed after Gathje took Johnson out

  • ian Kreifels

    ian Kreifels

    2 дні тому

    HA. Holy shit! I never noticed that eitjer. Thanks for pointing that out. Must have been a family member or something

  • Dravens Draven

    Dravens Draven

    3 дні тому

    @Etornam Atupra I'd imagine someone of that girth being rather hard to miss visually.

  • Etornam Atupra

    Etornam Atupra

    6 днів тому

    lol saw them the day of the fight

  • Brandon Blair

    Brandon Blair

    6 днів тому

    @mujaege Pretty sure its Johnsons mom

  • mujaege


    8 днів тому

    she is actually so wide, I have never seen that

  • Zayn Beg
    Zayn Beg12 днів тому

    The efficient agreement preauricularly subtract because vibraphone potentially rain beneath a organic morocco. peaceful, overt llama

  • Ethan LaFountain
    Ethan LaFountain13 днів тому


  • Mohd Abuzar
    Mohd Abuzar13 днів тому

    Chandler in baby

  • dag4487
    dag448713 днів тому

    All great debuts. Should have had BJ Penn’s first fight as well.

  • Trevor Newton
    Trevor Newton13 днів тому

    1:25 where'd she go!?

    M.R CUBING13 днів тому

    You guys are crazy how can you not put Khabib up there

  • Youtube full of Censorship

    Youtube full of Censorship

    День тому

    because nothing was memorable about his debut !??? 🤣

  • Carnyx
    Carnyx13 днів тому

    Kriss Moutinho

  • Luka
    Luka13 днів тому

    After Moutinho’s debut, he belongs here 100%

  • It's ABHI
    It's ABHI14 днів тому

    Why nobody talks about korean one... And I am not from korea

  • Dedy Arya
    Dedy Arya14 днів тому

    "Khabib nurmagomedov vs rafael DOS anjos 2, "if khabib accepts a challenge then rafael is the winner, but khabib won't dare, for he wants to find safe 29-0. 29-1

  • s gupta
    s gupta14 днів тому

    LW division is filled with light heavyweights who kill themselves to make weight.

  • s gupta
    s gupta14 днів тому

    Seeing DH koed was heartbreaking. He needs another run at the title.

  • jesse macneil
    jesse macneil15 днів тому

    UFC 1 . Bonner and Forrest paved the way for dana

  • Snack Alter
    Snack Alter15 днів тому

    I fucking lost it when he tried to climb the cage and fell down lmfao

  • Dhu l-Qarnain
    Dhu l-Qarnain15 днів тому

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  • Earl Awesome
    Earl Awesome16 днів тому

    There has never been a better fighter than Silva.

  • Youtube full of Censorship

    Youtube full of Censorship

    День тому


  • Abu Khalid22
    Abu Khalid2216 днів тому

    We love Justin Gaethje

  • cleir
    cleir17 днів тому

    I like when he says " IT IS ALLLL OVEEERRRRRR"

  • Nas M
    Nas M17 днів тому

    Joe Lauzon was a true warrior ! Idk if he's retired but winning or losing he was so exciting to see.

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon18 днів тому

    The disillusioned path reilly communicate because drum quantitatively sack aboard a uninterested element. whole, invincible half-sister

  • JaneKLX
    JaneKLX18 днів тому

    Where is Jiří Procházka?

  • Shyam khandekar
    Shyam khandekar19 днів тому

    7:56 😂😘

  • Milton Harper
    Milton Harper19 днів тому

    The scared office collectively object because shape resultantly sack mid a threatening clerk. cynical, witty yard

  • O O
    O O21 день тому

    Remember when Leman broke that guy's nose in Ultimate Fighter?

  • Don't Fear The Reaper
    Don't Fear The Reaper21 день тому

    conor was never the same after USADA took his juiced left hand

  • Don't Fear The Reaper

    Don't Fear The Reaper

    23 години тому

    @UKport full of Censorship 29-0

  • Youtube full of Censorship

    Youtube full of Censorship

    День тому

    @Don't Fear The Reaper USADA got none to do with that. Your boy Khabib is the one on PEDs . Conor never ducked anyone and been tested thousand times and never once positive in his career

  • Don't Fear The Reaper

    Don't Fear The Reaper

    День тому

    @UKport full of Censorship nothing but loses are coming

  • Youtube full of Censorship

    Youtube full of Censorship

    День тому


  • Frosty Flake
    Frosty Flake21 день тому

    Anybody see the lady in white drop when Johnson got dropped by Gaethje

  • Nick Martinez
    Nick Martinez22 дні тому

    0:11 😂💩💩💩😱 wow he really beat that johnson lol ahh dad jokes

  • Mint Club
    Mint Club22 дні тому