10 Times Lewandowski Shocked The World

At the age of 32, Robert Lewandowski is getting the acclaim he deserves. Before claiming a historic treble under HansiFlick, Bayern Munich were struggling to give a good account of themselves. During this time, only one player truly distinguished himself, and it was the towering Polish forward. When the Bavarians picked up form under Flick, Lewandowski went from strengthto strength. He was the top scorer in all competitions for the Bavarians, becoming only the second man since Johan Cruyff to achieve this feat.


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    0% alcohol 0% drugs 0% tattoos 100% professional 🇵🇱

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    And the latest season record

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    Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world, he is Diamond better than Maradona,Pele,Ronaldo,Messi,Mbappe, Naymar,Ibrahimowich =Getting szampon Gert Muller record beten.😅😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂💗🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱💗🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱💗🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱💗🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱💗

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    Already outdated

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    Lewadowski soo best skils and goal

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    Johan Cruyff did not play for Bayern :)

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    the world of messi and ronaldo...?? theyre times have passed already mate

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    He'll always be my no.1

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    Second video whit him with hes 41 liga goals?

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    He beat a 50years Gerd Muller record , now he is the living legend so i think after that balon dor is for he in this year

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    He is not a dribbler. He is at a good place at a good time. Like his record breaking last Bundesliga goal. Number of goals matter.

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    21 день тому

    He has the ability to move his body perfectly in really small space so he can get a shot of. His technik is out of this worl. For sure he is not the fastest player with the best 1v1 but you can put 5 players arround him and he will still get a shot of.

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    I'm impressed by your pronounciation of Polish teams. Good video.

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    41 Goals in a time, where the overall player is maybe better then ever trained and schooled. This is remarkable...sadly the bundesliga got worse in general while the top teams got better and better. Top 6 is fine in my eyes. Everything else is not competitive or at least not for longer than 1 game.

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    Whos here after lewandowski broke another record. 41 goals in one season!!!!

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    wow, great prod.

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    He is not like Ronaldo or Messi. He is best scorer , finisher, best ever penalty executer.

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    41 goals,

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    Robert Lewandowski is the best striker in the world.

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    Now just add 41 Bundesliga goals in 1 season! Goddamn he's unstoppable!

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    And he just scored 41 and this new record will last another 50 years

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    1:10 If you want the video a bit more accurate, you can just say "Second best of all time and closing in on Gerd Müller". He is, by every standart, at least the second best of all time and in my honest opinion, one of the very few best of all time worldwide. He scored 41 goals in 29 games this season at the age of 32, scored 5 goals in 9 minutes and is "just" some 80+ goals away from Gerd Müllers all time record. If you say "One of the best" it puts him into a category with Klinsmann, Elber, Pizarro, Ulf Kirsten, Mario Gomez and so on ... who are all Bundesliga Legends with goal ratios ranging from 0.40 to 0.55 ... even Legends like Klaus Fischer (all time #3 /268/0.50) and Jupp Heynckes ( all time #4 /220 /0.60 ) are quite abit lower than Lewandowski (277/0.79). Only Gerd Müller (365/0.85) still ranks above him, but now he "only" holds one of the two important goal-scoring-records, while Lewandowski holds the other one (all time goals vs most goals scored during a season).

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    22.05.2021 - 41 goals in one season. Robert Lewandowski broke Gerd Müller's (1971/72) 40-goal Bundesliga record. #RL9 did it in 29 games.

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    I love the effort you put into pronouncing the german words correctly. Great video too, thoroughly enjoyed that!

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    Robert we love You im proud to be Polish

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    2012 - hat-trick against Bayern in final DFBPokal 2013 - Four goals against Real Madrid in semifinal UCL 2015 - 5goals in 9 minutes against Wolfsburg 2020 - 6 triophies in 1 seasons, 3xtopscorer (UCL, Bundesliga, DFBPokal) 2021- Bundesliga record ale time

  • Maciej Karpinski
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    Muller record From 71/72 is 40 golas not 30. Lewandowski just matched it with one game to go. Wish him best

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    Who's here after lewandowski equalized Gerd Müllers 40 goal record?

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    Teraz po rekord Mullera

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    Varsovia Warszawa -> Legia Warszawa -> Znicz Prószków -> lech poznań -> BVB -> Bayern Its really history :0

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    Fajnie sie czyta komentarze zagraniczne ktore chwala polskiego lewandowskiego haha Wiem data

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    In my opinion what lacks here is his first remarkable milestone performance for his great legacy in top level football, which was the German Cup Final in 2012 against Bayern, when Robert scored a hat trick securing 5:2 victory.

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    Hi, I am from Poland and your Polsih pronunciation is not bad👍

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    4 against real madrid in bvb this is missing here

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    That 4 goals in 16 minutes against Crvena Zvezda was also fastest 4 goals in Champions League.

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    Did you know what Lew Andowski name means in Polish? Lion from Andes ( mountains)..



    Місяць тому

    Lewandowski means Leftandowski

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    Love the translation. Hilarious

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    That man is a model how you will be the best in your competition. We can only coment his awards but for every singel futball fan he is amazing sportsman.

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    39 goli,już niedługo....

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    RL9 KING 🎉🥇🏅

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    go lewondowski your carrer will last forever

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    Panie Robercie jestem o 20-scia lat starszy od pana a jest pan naszym skarbem narodowm.Jezeli pan kiedys przyjedzie w Bieszczady zapraszam do nas pozdrawiam i zycze jak naj naj........

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    So is he HR of our universe??

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    5 Goals en 9 min

  • S W
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    Legia Warschau will forever be the club that send a future Ballon d or winner home because he "was not talented enough for first league football"

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    His under 19 coach compared him with a tree. We are so proud of Lewa.

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    Your German is really god 💪🏽

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    With him Neymar would cry a second time like a child

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    Sadly he was injured in 2021 champions League😞😞😞

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    Lewandowski is a humble man and that's what makes him great football player 👍🏻

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    Lewandowski ❤❤❤❤

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    great content and even better own names pronunciation.good stuff

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    The way you were speaking polish words is beautiful P.S Greetings from Poland

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    Always l remembereds Loved With you Forever Robert Lewandowski

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    you pronounce polish names surprisingly well - good job

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    Lan sik

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    Remember when Dortmund was laughed at paying 5 million for a no-name from the polish league that was already 22 years old and thus too old to be a pure talent? As a Dortmund fan I do.

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    in 2:15 there should be one important moment added: Lewandowski scored four goals in a UEFA Champions League semi-final match against Real Madrid and he became first player who has ever done it. I guess its worth mentioning.

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    4 goals against real Madrid was the best shock to whole world .

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    It's a shame you didn't mention his 4 goals against Real Madrid in the UCL.

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    hes better than ronaldo and messi idc

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    Great pronunciations of German words and names. I am German it is always fun or a disgrace when foreign guys try to speak our language. But this was nearly flawless. Great effort really appreciate it. RL9 the real 9 of world football. Ty Poland for this absolute professional player.

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    35 Goals at 26 Games in the Bundesliga The New Rekord is Coming 😍

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    No mention of 4 goals against RM?

  • Super Football 2021
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    Perfect pronounciation of german words and club names. 👌🏻 Well done and informative vid

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    Hit this to skip 3:00, u r welcome.

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    And here this words will fit perfect - lewandowski skills is like a wine - if older that is be better he is

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    Its hard to beat Messi or Ronaldo,but the last year was his year,much more is not possible.. Looks like atm that nothing will change in this year,could be possible that he will shot more goals like last year..

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    Messi and that Ronaldo bloke. Yawn, Lewy rules, best 9 in the world. Keep going Rl

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    Pls his name is liongoalski the best player in the world

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    Nice pronunciation of Polish team names

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    I cannot believe you did not include his 4 goals against Real Madrid in the CL semifinal when he played for Borussia!?

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    @Björn De Vries He signs in munich in 2014. He wanted the transfer in 2013, but after Munich already get Götze in 2013, Dortmund didn't allow the transfer. So he came a year later for free.

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    He lost the Final in Cl with Dortmund against the gods of Bayern Munich 21 Robben scores the 2 1 dir munich .Than HE signs munich .in 2013

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    awesome video and great pronunciation of polish names! cheers! :)

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    Mia san mia

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    Fair play to narrator for pronanctuation of polish clubs' names.

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    Again a bayern player robbed of the ballon dor

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    @Pilz Trails no lol

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    @Lukas Gontarz and 2014 neuer

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    Suspect lile in 2k13 with Ribs ....

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    Eleventh - Beating Gerd Mueller record of fourty goals

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    who the fuck is Dieter MÜller? You mean Gerhard „Gerd“ Müller????

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    He scored now 31 goals after 24 Bundesliga games, where he missed 1 game. Effectivly he has scored 31 goals in 23 games. Absolut madness.

  • Cancel Patrick

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    3 дні тому

    @GTD and then you have Messi who wasn't even a striker, yet provided record breaking 101 goals for Barcelona from only 60 matches in 11/12. With over 20 goals were solo goals.

  • GTD


    24 дні тому

    @Arne I think Auba had 31 in 2018? Might have been 2017. But yea Auba was unbelievable for a few seasons as well

  • Arne


    24 дні тому

    @GTD I think aubameyang did it too or did he score 31?

  • GTD


    29 днів тому

    He did the unthinkable and scored 41 goals in 29 games. Dunno if you are from Germany by chance but I can tell you that every single boy or girl who grew up playing football in Germany, knew about this Gerd Müller record and everyone was sure that it couldnt be broken ever. It was set in stone so to speak. If you grew up in the 80s/90s/2000s, you never even wittnessed a 30+ season in your whole life. I think 28 was the record for most of my life, from Ailton in 2004 :D Then came Lewa in 2016 and scored 30 ... which was truly amazing. Fun fact: Only two players scored more than 31 goals a season: Gerd Müller thrice ( 38/40/36) and Lewandowski twice (34/41) and Dieter Müller once (34). Dieter Müller did this in 76/77. Lewandowski is just a crazy force of nature that went wild these last two years, he was unbelievable before and simply kept going until he reached Godmode:D

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    41, record broken B)

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    dear Goalside! Please correct your video. the soccerplayer that scored 40 goals is, gerd (the bomber) müller and not dieter müller.

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    Vaibhav S.

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    Dieter was the last player in Bundesliga who scored 30 goals a season and Lewa broke that record afterwards.

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    Simple Legend of football...and still playing and breaking records...

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    One of the best strikers in the last 20 years.

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    One of the best strikers ever* for sure

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    12 goals to go in 11 games 2 or 3 hat tricks, and the rest is easy work

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    Now 8 goals in 9 games 🔥

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    Hans get ze TORJÄGERKANONE

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    coffee out my nose. thx 4 that. 👏

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    Idk whether those achievements shocked the world. Some are not that special while others are missing

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    One of the best valued transfers in football history! He was a free Transfer and has always delivered since

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    Nice funfact ! ;) for free ^^

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    No 4 goals against Real Madrid?? LewanGOALski : Am I joke to you?

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    @Stasiek Darmochwół kto pokazal,ze mu brakuje mleka lub wychowania od matki to raczej ty smierdziuchu,bo pierwszy wyjechales z jakimis debilnym tekstem,chocbys nic miedzy uszami nie mial... nie wiem zupelnie po co... Wylacz juz ten internet i ni erob z siebie juz wiecej blazna.

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    @Adam zapłać najpierw matce za mleko szczylu na garnuszku matki wtedy może porozmawiamy

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    @Stasiek Darmochwół Ty Stasiek Wozignój a mama juz wie,ze uzywasz internetu? Do budy!

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    aha nie ze sraj się bo jeteś napalony

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    See you guys at 1 mln views))

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    the best thing is that before he came to ZNICZ Pruszków he was fired from the biggest Polish club(Legia Warszawa). As not promising for the future?!. Shame on Legia board Forever and for this bastardo sports director Mirosław Trzeciak.

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    Great pronunciation of foreign words. So little sport comentators and speakers make that effort!

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    So much tru.🤌💪

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    Thank you

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    i wish him to beat muller's record :) not much left ! fingers crossed.

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    Her did it in the last second of the last game xD

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    well yes he did!

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    He just did 🔥

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    Injured... -.-

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    0:40 for Klopp and country!