Extended highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 4-0 win against Sheffield United at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the Premier League.

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  • Ashish Adhana
    Ashish Adhana20 днів тому

    Bale & kane & son

  • Muhamad Tohir
    Muhamad Tohir23 дні тому

    Legend of spurs

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn26 днів тому

    Oh He is good again

  • Bahtiar Rifa
    Bahtiar Rifa26 днів тому

    Bale is back

  • Octavia Nara
    Octavia Nara26 днів тому


  • trickyhook
    trickyhook26 днів тому

    Gareth bale doesn’t usually get hat tricks but he does against Sheffield what a player

  • Eko Susanto
    Eko Susanto26 днів тому

    Anjir, kypa Bale pas bale ulang ke spurs gacor ulang

  • abdullah akber ali
    abdullah akber ali27 днів тому

    We missed you in Real Madrid........ Iconic Player Gareth Bale...🙌🏼

  • Ari Syam
    Ari Syam27 днів тому

    Dari pada di real anjiiiiing, masih mending disini,,bale berkembang pesat,,🔥

  • VerSaTiLE Janmejay
    VerSaTiLE Janmejay28 днів тому


    MONEY_MIKE28 днів тому

    MONEY_MIKE28 днів тому

    MONEY_MIKE28 днів тому

    MONEY_MIKE28 днів тому

    SNEAX28 днів тому

    Gareth Bale needs better team and more chances and more minutes in the game to be a Ronaldo type player. He has talent but he needs good execution

  • saafi channell
    saafi channell29 днів тому

    Thanks to Spurs for saving Chelsea

  • joshua kirby
    joshua kirbyМісяць тому

    Kane should just sit on the bench take a seat son the masters back

  • Alpha Hero
    Alpha HeroМісяць тому

    2:30 out of all music, they choose that one😂

    XENTO OPМісяць тому

    This team is going to be the best just watch

  • RAUL S
    RAUL SМісяць тому

    Son is by far spurs best player

  • Ed win
    Ed winМісяць тому

    Wow aurier

  • Ahmed Ezaz
    Ahmed EzazМісяць тому


  • Ben Sharpe
    Ben SharpeМісяць тому

    The most over rated, prancing, ponytailed, thinking he's Ronaldo prick ever. I would swap 4 of him for Kane and some. He thinks he's something that is so far away from what he really is. Urghhh

  • Tashi dorjee Tashi
    Tashi dorjee TashiМісяць тому

    Bale wonderful 👍

  • Denny Gusmawan
    Denny GusmawanМісяць тому

    Tottenham must find good midfilder for the next sesion

  • Kelvin Nathan Nicholas

    Kelvin Nathan Nicholas

    26 днів тому

    Repair the backline first

  • Fathul Ramadhan
    Fathul RamadhanМісяць тому

    Please son to barca

  • God Win
    God WinМісяць тому

    The best Tottenham team, greetings from Indonesia

  • Tommy Russell
    Tommy RussellМісяць тому

    Sonny please leave spurs. He deserve trophies, enough of this loyalty that doesn't win trophy.

  • Ei Toelay
    Ei ToelayМісяць тому

    Sonny and Bale goals are very beautiful

  • Shubham Sarin
    Shubham SarinМісяць тому

    World class football.. from an arsenal fan

  • Dino Kayusela
    Dino KayuselaМісяць тому

    He's back ..Bale😉

  • Smithy
    SmithyМісяць тому

    Honestly we had such a class team with Sonny, HurriKane, Dele, Bale if we had just invested in a solid Centre back and changed tactics up this could've been a great season. But Mourinho couldn't keep up with the league and then he was sacked right before he bring a trophy home. The Chairman has shot himself in the foot. Next year no Gazza nor Harry and let's hope they reinvest in the squad eh

  • bocah polos
    bocah polosМісяць тому

    Edun son mantul

  • Nirupan Bhattarai
    Nirupan BhattaraiМісяць тому

    Tottenham celebrating Bale's hattrick

  • eto
    etoМісяць тому

    Imagine how bad is Mourinho If you can't get top 4 in England and win Europa league with players like Kane, Son and Bale

  • Maulana Muis
    Maulana MuisМісяць тому

    World class a golf player 🔥

  • GFHarmy
    GFHarmyМісяць тому

    Son needs to find a better club man..

  • Ahmed Baklouti
    Ahmed BakloutiМісяць тому


  • Mo
    MoМісяць тому

    I hate that song we play whenever we score. It’s deafening. Please change it.

  • Forrest Gumpo
    Forrest GumpoМісяць тому

    i hope bale keeps doing this and stays at spurs

  • Harimau Macan
    Harimau MacanМісяць тому

    Son jago bat ajjg

  • Denizzz
    DenizzzМісяць тому

    1:25 He is not Burak Yılmaz

  • Jereme syiem Syiem
    Jereme syiem SyiemМісяць тому

    Son is the main player

  • hanis 23
    hanis 23Місяць тому

    Man on match SON YOUNG MIN

  • Juan Pablo Valverde
    Juan Pablo ValverdeМісяць тому

    Sheffield players are too bad :/

    ШHΨ SΩ SΣRIΩUSМісяць тому

    What a loss of 💎for madrid

  • Rithish Balaji
    Rithish BalajiМісяць тому

    RIP to that guy who kneed to son when he scored that curler!

    VÄÑÑ DĀМісяць тому


  • ThePaulHopwood
    ThePaulHopwoodМісяць тому

    And got put in Alioskis pocket the week later. 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Ktocoten Ktocoto
    Ktocoten KtocotoМісяць тому

    Enic out. Free Palestine.

  • ME911119
    ME911119Місяць тому

    Number 24 is MVP

  • Gareth Ramsey
    Gareth RamseyМісяць тому

    What a long ball spam by 🤣🤣

  • 01jooe
    01jooeМісяць тому

    Hat-Trick Bale (Goal) Hat-Trick Aurier (Asistence)

  • hunter s rhineheart
    hunter s rhineheartМісяць тому

    Bale still underated come man United boo 🙄🤗

  • Sahat tua Hamonangan
    Sahat tua HamonanganМісяць тому

    Bale idola gw 👏👏👍

  • digUz
    digUzМісяць тому

    Imagine prime bale with sonny.

  • Anju Simatupang
    Anju SimatupangМісяць тому

    Salah satu ido gue di BBC dulu waktu dia masih main di real madrid

  • Jérôme Blangenwitsch
    Jérôme BlangenwitschМісяць тому

  • Singkong singkong
    Singkong singkongМісяць тому

    Birruh...Biddam ...Nafdika ya Aqsha #SavePalestine #SaveAqsha

  • EdXBec2017
    EdXBec2017Місяць тому


  • wojiao dalana
    wojiao dalanaМісяць тому

    玩体育、电竞 竞猜的老板加我名字V芯,官方平台,茺值就宋!

  • Leeo8
    Leeo8Місяць тому

    Proud to see Tottenham putting ISF(Cambodian charity) on their shirt. As a Cambodian myself, thanks Tottenham! 🇰🇭

  • MrSairalinde
    MrSairalindeМісяць тому

    Dat second goal tho

  • Alena Thoure
    Alena ThoureМісяць тому

    dayuuum Son and Bale are so dangerous

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    Місяць тому

    Don’t mention the score idiots

  • Xavier Perez
    Xavier PerezМісяць тому

    Nice Fields

  • m h
    m hМісяць тому

    Son is so

  • Vergil Grantcharov
    Vergil GrantcharovМісяць тому

    Rarely a guy who gets one outshines a guy who gets 3. Take a bow Son!

  • Aljaž K. - SI
    Aljaž K. - SIМісяць тому

    Someone needs to tell Dele to shave that ludicrous mustache, he looks like a 70's pimp ffs. EDIT: nvm, after taking a closer look he looks more like jack sparrow. lol wut a clown

  • Ankit's Creator Zone🤘
    Ankit's Creator Zone🤘Місяць тому

  • Aisyah akila
    Aisyah akilaМісяць тому

    Spurs cmn pelengkap liga inggris ajh tiap tahun gk prnh dpt gelar wkkw

  • Yorkydale
    YorkydaleМісяць тому

    Not so incredible against Leeds. Stuck in Alloski's pocket.

  • ŖĕVéŊąŊŧ
    ŖĕVéŊąŊŧМісяць тому

    Did hart even play a single game?

  • Mysterious Gamer RM
    Mysterious Gamer RMМісяць тому


  • geever cheeran
    geever cheeranМісяць тому

    Its aurier❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤

  • Lee E Koon
    Lee E KoonМісяць тому

    Amazing asians skill good job son

  • saad Idrissi
    saad IdrissiМісяць тому

    Aurier 3 Assists

  • henk vrieling
    henk vrielingМісяць тому

    Don’t mention the score idiots

  • Hikigaya Rill
    Hikigaya RillМісяць тому

    Dijadiin samsak tendangan 😂😂😂

  • TomTom
    TomTomМісяць тому

    It's really great to see Bale perform like this again! Wish you all the best!

  • Floedno Xcola
    Floedno XcolaМісяць тому

    The JM only mistake was give another opportunity to Gare 'snake' Bale

  • cholid habibby nosya
    cholid habibby nosyaМісяць тому

    Bale is back

  • Anish Poudel
    Anish PoudelМісяць тому

    while scoring the second goal by bale he want to assist the goal but there was no any player running for the goal so he score❤️

  • Um phoudy
    Um phoudyМісяць тому


  • KeepOnTrucking
    KeepOnTruckingМісяць тому

    Fuck u zidan this is bale that u r missing

  • CrazyNacho
    CrazyNachoМісяць тому

    Finally bale absolutely popping and free.

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuytМісяць тому

    I missed ur smile Sonny~~♡♡

  • Tyson Cofre
    Tyson CofreМісяць тому

    defender.exe stopped working a 1:45

  • Rob
    RobМісяць тому

    Oh come on - it's only Sheffield United after all...

  • muhajaya
    muhajayaМісяць тому

    Did I just hear darude sanstrom?

  • RxR Gaming
    RxR GamingМісяць тому

    Wait bale back to tottenham??

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    Місяць тому

    goals of the highest quality

  • Imrul Aneeq
    Imrul AneeqМісяць тому

    Darude - sandstorm

  • Ario Damar Priadi
    Ario Damar PriadiМісяць тому

    Two perfect couple Son x Bale

  • Abunaw Robert
    Abunaw RobertМісяць тому the opposing team didnt create any chances at all???

  • theuzuumaki
    theuzuumakiМісяць тому

    son was class that match

  • iLyes Bvb
    iLyes BvbМісяць тому

    Wish he had never left the spurs.

  • Zupełnie nikt
    Zupełnie niktМісяць тому


  • Vivian Dcruz
    Vivian DcruzМісяць тому

    dumbest celebration music

  • danny Ashton
    danny AshtonМісяць тому

    Everyone who called the bale transfer a flop are punching the air rn

  • C Y Lok
    C Y LokМісяць тому

    reguilon and bale going back to madrid, kane to man U and Son off to wherever he wants to go = Spurs in decline

  • The Beduwin
    The BeduwinМісяць тому

    Bales 2nd goal was like a missile